Happy Colours

Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!" 
Robin Williams

Sunshine on my desk, birdsong in our garden and a mix of flowers that spreads over on to my paper.
Experomenting with bold, right colors, botanical sketches and figures painted in a more detailed and naturalistic fashion.

Easter is just around the corner now and for me it feels like a time of enewal and fresh energy. Yesterday, i saw a beautiful moon rising and i hope it brings transformation,  joyous energy and peace for all of us! Yes spring - let's party!


  1. Happy colors ......happy easter......love from me Ria x

  2. Trust you to capture the essence of any season in the truest of colors, Martina! Here's joining you in with a YAY to Spring and renewal!!

  3. These are wonderful...I hope your Easter was bliss xx

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