How to start your own art collection


Paintings of mine in the house of a collector

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
Pablo Picasso

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso
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Do you love art? To me, great art ist he most important thing in giving a house atmosphere and personal style. A painting is like a window that looks out into another world and adds perspective and more dimensions to your daily surroundings. A piece of art is also like a friend who makes you feel welcome, who invites you to appreciate life and look at things from a different angle. Everyone should have some art in their lives. And the best way to celebrate art is, to start your own collectiom. Collectors are happy people, they say. Have  you ever thought about it? Here are some tips to get you started.


Happy circles series

Look for something you love and trust your own taste.
So if you start looking for art, look for something that inspires you.t Soemthing, you want to live with, something that makes your heart sing. Something that speaks to you and makes you happy. As a beginner, it’s a mistake to buy a piece of art primarily as an investment – especially if you don’t have large sums to spend.
Be confident and learn to trust your intuition and your tase. Art is something very personal, and what is right for one person, must not be right for anpther. Don’t get intimidated by the feeling of „but i know nothing about art“. Find something you love and develop from there.

Paintings of mine in different surroundings

Make friends with the art world
Go to exhibitions, art galleries, art fairs and visit studios of arists you or some friends of yours might know. Art fairs are a good way too, to see, what is out there, but they can be overwhelming.  As art fairs are very hip at the moment, a lot of smaller ones are out there next tot he major ones. Andi t is here that you might make amazing and affordable finds.
Also, if you visit artists in their studio, they might make you an extra good prize.


My painter friend Sabina Wörner in her studio in Cologne with an american indian friend

Visiting "Fine Art" fair in Cologne

 Think about the space you have on your walls  

As a beginner, your art collection is not meant to build a new museum but for your own walls, so think about the space you have, before you step out and buy something.

Even if  art should not be seen just as a decoration of your home, it is important, that it fits in somehow. That it hast he right size and proportions for your walls, the colours and style you feel good with and that creates the atmosphere you want.
Creating a gallery wall is a good idea to showcase framed prints, drawings and smaller paintings in an unteresting mix. 
Gallery wall impressions from Pinterest

Look at originals if possible
The internet is a vast source of art – not just to look at it and learn about it, but also to buy it. It’s like a vast buffet of almost anything you can think of. While the internet is a great way to find affordable prints, special  editions and photography,  take care:
As far as original oil or acrylic paintings are concerned., there can a big difference between a photo and the actual piece of art. So, if you buy an original painting, better not buy it from a web-shop, but from an art gallery or from an artist directly. Look at the piece itself, not at the picture o fit, or you might be disappointed. 
One of my paintings in a collectors house

 Train your eyes and expand your knowledge
Training your eyes and your intuition might take years, but finding a future star is pure excitement and every art collector dreams of getting something for a bargain, that one day brings a fortune.. Slowly build up your knowlwdge on art and sometimes do some background research on the artists you like . Have they been featured in any exhibitions? Have they won any competitions or prizes? Have they been written about in any books or journals? 

Protect your artwork

Most paintings. prints and drawings are deicate  - and can quickly be damaged and thus loose value. Expensive Works on paper should ideally be framed with ultraviolet light-resistance glass.
Find more information on how to start your own fine art collection here


  1. Great pictures great colors great post !!!...have a colorful great beautiful day !! ❤️❤️❤️ Love Ria

  2. Dear MArtina,
    I love your paintings .. specially the Happy Circles series are georgeous! I would need more walls ...;O)
    Have a lovely week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  3. Good advices! I have a bit easier as my sister is an artist:)

  4. My dearest friend, HELLO! I have missed you so much, but you are here and I am enjoying your special talent to make color ALIVE. Every one of your pieces here just makes me want to convert from a gray/white/beige lover to at least adding more pops of color into my home. Your treatment of red and pink and yellow together is simply brilliant! MUCH LOVE! ANita

  5. Dear Martina,
    Your post has brightened up my day..
    I agree with you in that Art is very personal.. For me, I choose a piece that touches my heart. I love that there are so many artists out there that are so very different in style.. I really admire your work. It makes me happy!
    So good to see your post today. I keep you in my thoughts.

  6. Martina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO! I just saw your comment on my blog and thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave a comment! Thank you for your compliments on my work. I do believe I have found what works best in compliment to my poetry: PHOTOGRAPHY! Though I demonstrated illustrating abilities early in my life, I just never had a passion nor a desire to sit and draw. Giving it a chance again a few years ago (remember?) I was never happy with what I did. However now, I feel that the freedom of moving from one subject to another with photography allows me the space and thrill of the hunt to find the right LIGHT. And as for colors, the colors of life and the moment come through photography!

    Your work here, again, it is simply marvelous my friend! ENJOY THOSE ROSES in your area! We are having the best spring ever!

    Much love!

  7. Such a wonderful 'how-to' post, Martina and coming from you, it sure is one of the best. I especially love your advice on listening to our heart and learning to trust our intuition and taste. True indeed, what is best for me might not be the same for everyone else. Your paintings are always gorgeous. Have a great weekend, my talented friend!

  8. My dear, dear friend, HELLO! What a lovely surprise to see your comment on my blog, a place where I don't get as many comments as before, but that is OK....blogging has changed, and so has my page. Thank you for your uplifting comments; it is true. I have made much progress, and it's taken me some time to find just the right combination of visual expression and poetry. Now that summer vacation is approaching, I really hope to sit down and plan my writing with my photos, a duo that takes much time.

    Color has taken me by surprise; the natural pinks of the garden, the blues of the sky and sea, and all that's in between is there to be seized, and I am taking it!

    Many hugs and thanks for your support and most of all, your friendship. LOVE!

  9. Your paintings bring so much beauty to any room! I adore the colours you use and I always feel so uplifted after a visit here. Enjoy the rest of the week Martina!
    Jess xx

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  12. Wonderful blog and paintings, my dear friend! Wise and wonderful Martina, I miss you! See you soon for a joint colour experience, Xxxx Sabina


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