The Rose (2008) by Cy Twombly

This is one from five new monumental paintings by American artist Cy Twombly, recently shown at Gagosian's Britannia Street gallery in London. Stanzas from "Les roses" by poet Rainer Maria Rilke, that inspired this series, are inscribed on the last panel of each painting. I can't believe he did those with 81 years! That is amazing. It shows, that the spirit does stay young and alive if you let it develop and don't loose touch with live!

Friday Pretties: Red Stillifes

These are from an 2008 series, playing with shapes and ornaments. It's amazing how paintings in vibrant colours can liven up a cool office-spaces and rooms full of computers, printers and the like.

I heard Bill gates uses huge flat monitors instead of paintings on the walls and has various artworks projected, according to the mood of the day. But that can never be the same. The energy is different. We've got to much flickering screens in front of us already and we crave the warmth and living vibrations from a painting we really like - well, at least i do!

Little dots - Forgetmenots

A photoshopped picture from Robin in the garden - i love those light blue dots! Have i mentioned before, that dots make me happy? That's why i want to paint them all the time!


is what i see from the window of the room i paint in just now,  and so the rythm of branches and twigs got into my paintings, changing colours from pink to green and blue ... When i start painting a new series, i allow things like this to happen. Sometimes i wonder, if it's the best way though. As mentioned before i do aim for simplicity with twists of surprises and double meaning, Yet i love to be surprised by my own doing sometimes - and the best paintings result from things i didn't plan before. 

Think pink

Especially in times of crisis! My husband's trying out this fabolous new pink headband for positive thinking - and i wonder, what the effects will be!

Less is more

... at least i often think so, when i look at my own paintings. Somehow my goal is, to open up space and colour, not filling it with too many things. It is difficult though. Things and people are vital, and they do get in to my work and demand attention. These two are from an older series of stripes and flowers. I hope to get on with my new series over the weekend.

Blue flower

... feeling blue doesn't always have to be bad. Feeling blue can be wonderful! It makes you dream and relax and let your mind drift to heavenly places - a good colour for stressed people!

Blue hour

I love that blue just before it gets dark, it's a magic colour. And, just like magic all the people in this somewhat crowded place along the rhine seemed to have vanished for the picture.


Some contrast to beginn with ...