Friday Pretties: Roses

If live sometimes is no bed of roses, why not make it a little nicer by painting ... roses, for example!

This is a painting from last year. I have so many unfinished canvases in my studio right now and hope to find some time to get on with them this weekend. I mean TAKE some time to get on with them. Take some time for myself. Make it a priority. This summer has been so busy so far, and i crave to be more in touch with my art again, make it work, make it flow, feel the magic!


  1. Roses on canvas; how artistic and delightful!
    I paint too and I am currently looking at ten unfinished pieces. Must get my head sorted and paint. Tried to get a copy of magazine... Sold out at Frankfurt Bahnhof. Willl send e-mail.
    have a nice weekend;-)

  2. Oh dearest, how I know that feeling! I had so many plans to try to get some of my stories and art together to publish, and I have done hardly anything! I think we just need to take one thing at a time, and be glad that we got that one thing done! Beautiful roses!!! Anita

  3. Pretty roses!
    Hope you get to work on your unfinished pieces :)
    Take care...

  4. So Pretty! I wish that I could paint. Maybe that will be my next endeavor?
    Thank you for sharing those Pretty Roses, and for playing along with Friday Pretties!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend,

  5. Oh if only I could paint! that is something I desire but is not so pretty when I do it. BUT you have inspired me to try again! Actaully our church has it's art room open for everyone this week & wants us all to try our hand at creating based on Psalms 8. There should be lots of inspiration it those verses! I was going to try photography but I think i might bust out & do some flowers with your inspiration!

    I can't imagine ever wanting to shrink my boys but I am sure that time will come...I just want them to be through with "The Toilet Is My Favorite Toy" stage & then hit pause :) I thought Bo was through it, but after his "nap" at my sisters while she was babysitting....apparently not.

    Paint on! I love enjoying your masterpieces!!!

  6. Libbie, what a wonderful comment! I'm so glad you feel inspired, and hope you'll post some of your artwork sometimes! Have fun painting :) And as for the boys ... one forgets the bad things i guess! "Boys: a noise with dirt on" i read the other day :)

  7. I'm right there with you Martina! Hey, I thought I was the the queen of unfinished work (lol).

    I wish we lived closer. We would make sure we were painting regularly :)

  8. Happy friday pretties .....what a lovely painting...and your blog is also lovely......happy weekend enjoy !! hugs from Ria....

  9. What a beautiful painting!
    I love to paint too, and it is hard sometimes to find the TIME to paint. But, when I do, I am always so much more relaxed and happy!
    Thank you for inspiring me to pick up those paint brushes again...:)
    Have "pretty Friday"!
    @}~`~}~~~ Gloria

  10. Im struggling with unfinished projects too, when I do have a free hour I feel too tired to do anything :(

  11. Dear Martina,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and becoming a Follower of it. I am so happy you did! :)
    You have a new Follower too!
    Have a rose day! :)
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  12. what a great idea! sometimes life really is messy and dirty and less than perfect...but we can simply fill our days with painting pretty pictures!

    i love the idea of getting back to older works that maybe weren't finshed or finished but not to our liking.....we can revamp things and work it all out until we are happy ,.... and maybe there 's a certain satisfaction that comes with reworking things....

    like a symbolic renewal!

    thanks for the inspiration!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    you must come by and see my finished journal pages!


  13. Good evening dear one! Oh Martina, thank you for your is always so nice to see you arrive from Germany! And thank you for the name, BLANCHE....that was my momma's name! And how apropos.....toute blanche....everything white is on my mind these days.....a clean canvas for décorating with exquisite treasures.....that is what my darling sister-in-law is all about.

    Do have a fabulous weekend! Oh how I wish I could visit all my dear blogger friends in their countries and states, like you!

    Grosses Bises, Anita

  14. Oh, gorgeous! I love reds and pinks, this is stunning, I can picture it in my living room perfectly! I'm so happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, your blog is really lovely, very well put together, and I am happy to be your newest follower!

  15. Greetings Martina,
    Oh, I love feel of this painting...such vibrant make sure to take a little time to enjoy On Rosie

  16. Just do it, Martina, take that time to finish your paintings. This one is ADORABLE! Your color palette is gorgeous.
    About Waldorff, the parents are perhaps a little bit more involved in school life, but we are free in deciding what and how much. I so like Steiners approach, I believe the children will get to think in creative solutions. Which really gives them so much more than just simply learning by heart. Steiner makes the little ones actually feel and a kind of undergo most of the things to be learned.
    Ich wuensche dich ein ganz schoenes Wochenende mit viel Sonne und kreative Stunden! xx

  17. Hi,
    just dropping here and read the post.
    It's nice..
    The rose looks beautiful!
    I hope you have a wonderful days..

    greetings from Indonesia,

  18. What a beautiful painting! I love roses!


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