Monday Love: Organic Shapes

Shapes in movement: Matisse-style mobile from Pukapuka, available at Etsy.

Print in subtle colors by NY artist Michelle Oka Doner, via Marlborough

Waxes for Meijer gardens and sculpture park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They were cast in bronze for a 2008 installation.

Michelle Oka Doners intense work amazes me, whenever i see it. It's focus are the fascinating forms of life within land and water The beauty of creatures, shapes and forms, gently moulded by the sea. Read an interview about her and her art here.

"Snow Flowers" by Henri Matisse, watercolor and gouache on cut and pasted papers, 1951, via habit of art.

Henri Matisse always was - and still is - my biggest Guru in painting. His work is so full of live and joyful elegance, and it keeps inspiring artists and designers worldwide.
When he was really old and sick and sitting in a wheelchair, he created what seems the most light and modern part of his work, the colorful papercuts. A wonderful reminder of how a creative mind can transform any given limitations.

Enjoy - and have a good start into the week!


  1. Matisse, must google Matisse! I love organic forms, Martina. My children are in a Rudolf Steiner school. Great post today!
    Sending you Lots and lots of Dutch JOY for a happy Tuesday! xxx

  2. Hi Martina, I just had to write a paper about Matisse vs. Picasso last night for a small class I am taking. I picked Matisse as my favorite immediately. But it is interesting to compare the two and try to understand why some of us love Matisse and some love Picasso. Now off to read about Michelle Oka Doners!


  3. I love both - Picasso and Matisse. But Picasso loved to deconstruct, to provoke and disturb, whereas Matisse loved to please the eye and spread harmony, which is closer to me.

  4. I adore that Matisse mobile! Seriously, I'm completely in love with it!

  5. thank you for sharing this! i love the playfulness and colorfulness of matisse's work, too!! :))


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