Monday Love: Weekend fun

Weekend fun on a monday? 
Well, i hope we can transfer some of the good mood and take it along 
as the week gets of to a busy start again. Some time for play should be allowed!

On saturdays, i love to visit the market. The regular market with it's abundance of vegies, fruit and flowers, or sometimes the flea market along the river Rhine.

Find some nice old - but new to me - treasures and arrange them in a new way. I I have a present box, which i fill up with things that might be cute little presents one day. And when an occasion comes up, i look in there and see what i've got!

This is my friend Susann in a beer garden at the freight harbour, who came along. She looks kind of thoghtful here, but we've been laughing a lot!

Pictures: 1st, 2nd and 4th: MVS, 
3rd (the birdcage): Country living 


  1. Very interesting photos and an excellent blog. I like very much your work.
    All looking fotoblog Teuvo images

    and yours coments.thanks


  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Those flowers are gorgeous!
    Mine went too fast! Happy Monday!

  3. She is a beautiful girl, smile or not!
    I'd love to visit Germany and go to the market there :)

  4. And OH PLEASE paint a quilt!!!! That would be so cute!

  5. Beautiful flower bouquets. Loved the photos.

  6. The flowers are just so beautiful.. The second and third pics are so lovely...
    Have a nice day Martina:)

  7. Dear Martina, I enjoy visiting markets too! Looks like you had a fun day with your friend. I agree that its important to have play time!! Have a great week! Wini xo

  8. Hi Martina,
    sound like your week was lot of fun!!
    Love to see a little pretty box with flowers around... And your friend was so pretty!!

    Have a blessed day to you and your family!

  9. i can.t tell you how envious i am of your weekend love.
    ALL your photos are eye candy.
    thank you soooo much for sharing them with us.
    you always inspire me!

  10. Fun pictures, Martina. And it must have been fun in the Bier Garten too ;)
    Have a happy Donnerstag xxx

  11. Hello Martina,summer is just flying by and I wish that we can have all these fresh local veggies,fruits and flowers available all year long. Your friend looks lovely,I especially love the fact that she is barefoot in the photo,she looks totally content :) Have a wonderful day,cheers, Monika.

  12. Martina! HOW DID IT MISS THIS?????OH DEAR! I thought I had visited, but I thought I would just come by to say hello AGAIN, but evidently, I never came! What a beautiful post, filled with lovely flowers and a friend! Is your summer winding down as ours is? Cooler temperatures but bright sunny days are biding farewell to a summer well-spent. Enjoy all you can dear Martina! Anita

  13. Looks like you had a fun day at the Market with your lovely friend. Those flowers are so pretty,,,sweet photo of the birdcage display as well. Country Living has so many inpiring photos. I have a bird cage I painted awhile back that is in those colors due to that magazine!
    Blessings to you,
    Gloria.... @}~`}~~~

  14. Dear, dear Martina, How nice of you to come today!!! OH, I am sorry to hear that it is raining in your part of the world...this summer has been an extraordinarily PERFECT summer for us; my husband and I have been enjoying PEACE and quiet here in our little home, surrounded by lush, green trees, lakes and the perfect weather. But we have "paid our dues" with the harsh Minnesota winters that can get as low as 30 below zero, we are due some gracious weather! Are you creating today? I have been and I have been tickled pink with joy. Thank you for coming, you made my joy complete, seeing your lovely face.

    CREATE JOY! Anita

  15. I can't even tell you how glamourous that all sounds to me! I love it! & I just wish I was there too! :)

  16. Oh sweet Martina, thank you for coming by again; I am not familiar with this story of which you speak, but oh, what a joy it is to read something in its original language! I cannot speak or read German, but oddly enough, I can understand a little, given that English is a Germanic tongue....but Goethe is one of my favorite philosophers and oh, to be able to read the original! French is a fun language and culture to delve into...well, next week it is school meetings then back to school on Tuesday, Sept. 7. One day at a time, Un jour à la fois......HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND! Anita

    P.s. Ruben really appreciates your visits!


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