Friday Pretties: Finding Balance

Finding Balance - yes!

Are you craving the weekend like i do? 
Somehow, my schedule and head are both so full at the moment, that i really look forward to some free time. The weather's been crazy here (cold!), but tomorrow will be fine and i look forward to
a long and lazy breakfast
a walk over the fleamarket
an art exibition
meeting friends and
sitting outside in a local winery,
talking and eating something nice,
go on reading ...
... Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything by  Elizabeth Gilbert .Maybe you know it already - it's been on the Bestseller list for along time and now out as a film with Julia Roberts. I love this book. It's wise and funny and the author feels like a good friend already.

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  1. Beautiful painting! I am guessing you created it? :) Love the whimsical feel it has!!

    Have a wonderful "pretty" Friday, hope you can enjoy a peaceful weekend too!
    blessings to you,

  2. Oh yes I want to see that movie! The preview looks yummy! So does your balance painting :) Happy weekend!

  3. Sounds like a good read, Martina. Your painting is so happy: Light and cheery!
    Lots of hugs for a weekend filled with everything on your great list! xxxx

  4. My sweet, sweet Martina! Oh I was out all day long, and what a lovely surprise to see this darling post....DID YOU PAINT THIS? And I must see this movie with Julia....I haven't read the book. Oh sweet one, I love your plans that you have written out here! One thing I find as I "mature"....I am learning to enjoy the slower life style and that it is O.K. to do such things as you enjoys every fleeting moment so much better! And let's have that last Creamsicle!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  5. enjoy your sounds like you've got some fabulous things planned! xox, :))
    p.s. i love the softness of this artwork!

  6. i'd love to see that movie aswell!
    hope your weekend is full of balance & pretty things.

  7. The painting is all grace. So beautiful! As for the movie eat pray love... A part of it was shot here in India.. Julia comes here to find spirituality... Waiting eagerly for it!

  8. your weekend sounds blissful.
    wish i was coming along with you.
    i love the balancing act image....i so often feel exactly like this.
    i always enjoy my visits here.
    happy days ahead.

  9. What a lovely weekend...hope you were able to do all of this my friend. xoxoxo Now have a great week.

  10. MARTINA!!! I was just thinking of your this afternoon as we were out antiquing and walking into lovely shops where the art was just as lovely as yours. How are you dear friend? Thank you for coming to spread your cheer and enthusiasm.....yes, filling in the gap with our energy, activity, ideas and fulling our dreams with our skills and resources....what other way is there to live? You are a dear and I enjoy your visits from Germany so much. One day, I will make it out to see you perhaps!!!!

    Have a wonderful new week full of promises fulfilled. Anita

  11. Hi Martina-thanks for stopping by...I can relate to your painting!!I could sure use a little relaxation :)

  12. Oh world is so crazy, going here and there, always in a hurry...a weekend to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures would be pure, you will have to enjoy it for us on...Rosie

  13. Lovely painting.It is simple,elegant,stylish and captivating.The article is equally a great read.Weekends are so important for all of us.Perfect time to relax,unwind and savor the delicacy called "Life".
    Have a Wonderful Week!!

  14. Yeah it's sad but the Autumn is actually pretty near! Well good luck with your new ''autumn and winter- clothes''!=)


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