Friday Pretties: Wild things

Orchids are such fantastic flowers

They seem to me like little faces, like butterflies, elves, fairies - and i love their colours. The little faun on the turquoise background is an older painting of mine that was inspired by Picasso. His fauns and kentaurs keep inspiring me and sometimes, out in nature, i seem to hear a distant flute playing and want to be one of these wild things myself!

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  1. Beautiful my friend!!! Love these colours.

    Ok...I am now worried that my parcel will not get to has been way too long. I must see if I can find my postage tag and go investigate a bit. Sorry my friend. xoxo

  2. Oh my very pretty...the colors are just delicious!!!
    ...Happy Friday Rosie

  3. Yay, how pretty!

    Ps: I really enjoyed reading your "Timeless Beauty" post!

    Have a great weekend, cheers: Evi

  4. O my...what a beautiful colors !!!!......Happy friday pretties Ria......

  5. Martina
    I can see way Anita loves your blog so much. This is beautiful. You are a very talented lady. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope to continue weekly to write short but hopefully thoughtful and inspiring posts.

  6. I had not noticed before the faces in orchids! I see them now! tee hee :)
    Your painting is very pretty.

  7. Gorgeous! Such vibrant colors! I love the addition of orchids and the Friday Pretties words to go along with your lovely pretty!!
    I hope you have a happy weekend!

  8. Fresh, bright, happy colors you used, Martina. Hope you have had a very pretty Friday. Ich wuensche dich ein Wunderschoene Wochenende! xxx

  9. Hi Martina,
    As what I seemed your paintings have a distinctive style ...Impressive!!
    Love the Orchid and their color..

    Wishing you a very happy week ahead!
    sending my big hugs to you!

  10. MARTINA! Oh, I am finally home from my first day back into my classroom to prepare it for La Rentrée on September 7!!!! Oh, thank you for visiting me today and my husband!!!! He was so grateful for your response. AND LOOK AT YOUR ART!!! Isn't this a fun place to come, after a HARD DAY and a rainy one, at that!!! Oh sweet Martina, when we ever go to Germany, I must visit with you! I hope your weather improves a bit..our summer has been soooo perfect....I send you warm thoughts and kind sentiments.....Anita

  11. ...and, I would love to be a fairy and wear orchids in my hair!

  12. The fusion of colors is amazing... Yes orchids are great... I love them.. A wonderful piece of art! Have a nice day:)

  13. Such a spirited painting! I want to play too!!

    Last night a friend received a lime green/dark purple orchid for her birthday. And when I saw your lovely orchid today I had to smile.

    Yes, the Color Challenge is exactly that! But I find this new way of working fast with a challenge exhilarating.

    Happy Weekend =-)

  14. Martina, this is a beautiful work. The orchids are perfect!


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