Monday Love: Timeless beauty

"The work in a fashion magazine can be a dream and sometimes true hell. But you are never in a limbo!!!"
(Same goes for work in a parenting magazine - ha ha!)

This is Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian vogue, and - so beautiful i find, and always very well dressed. She's kept a girlish charme without ever looking "teenile", and I'd love to look like her when i'm older.
Picture via Sartorialist

"The trick in life is learning how to deal with it."
Helen Mirren, Foto via
Helen Mirren is so great. She's on the height of fame in her sixtees, and why not? Times have changed and she's become a role model for many.

Michelle Oka Doner
is an artist i've already posted about - and this is what she looks like: a stunning beauty, regardless of age.
photo via
"If you stick to your work it will take care of you somehow."
Kiki Smith

And this is artist Kiki Smith, whom you may know. Her work is so intense - and she's an example for how some women indeed look more beautiful as they get older. It's the inner shining through.
Photo via


  1. Hi Martina:)
    What stunning women with such graceful perspectives....I think that is what makes them beautiful.

  2. What incredibly good post, Martina! These ladies are such icons. Loving the quotes, especially, the one from Kiki Smith.
    Have a lovely rest of your evening, my friend. xxxx

  3. They are all beautiful women!
    I think when you are happy in what you do (and remember in your heart that God made you exactly the way He wanted you, special to Him)... that your true beauty shines through no matter what your age.
    Lovely post!!
    Have a sweet day!
    @}~`}~~~~ Gloria

  4. Lovely blog, I would be really happy if you could check out my blog too!

  5. beautiful women.....and fabulous role models!!! thank you for the introductions!! xox, :))

  6. Nice post about inspirational women... Loved the quotes especially the one by Helen..
    Have a nice day:)

  7. They all beautiful women.
    Very inspiring!!
    Thanks for the post, martina.
    Have a great week.

  8. Pure inspiration my friend..these women are amazing.
    Hugs for a happy day..I guess the mail is really slow these days...hope you get your parcel soon. xoxoxo

  9. Love it! Role models and amazing all around women!

  10. What a cool post! I do love the beauty of women as they age...for me aging has been a good thing....when I was in college I had a short brown afro :) But I would be lying if I didn't admit that I do now wish for a pause button...okay, 30 pound ago one would have been nice :)

  11. Oh dearest, it is fascinating to see how long posts from Europe take to appear on my blog list!!! I checked my list this morning and didn't see this FABULOUS POST until now! WOW...what can I say but that I TOO want to look like these magnificent DAMES when I "grow up"!!! That Helen Mirren especially just exudes sensuality, but not of the sexual sort per say, but she seem to have an almost bottled up passion that just beams out at you in those great eyes of hers. Not to mention that she carries herself so well. I was very impressed with her once in an interview that I saw on some show. She said she cannot and will not wear shorts..."with my legs? Heavens no...." I was comforted. Once having nice legs, these days I DARE NOT wear shorts because age and years of use have done something to them! But is Helen can get away with wearing skirts, so can I!!! And the other ladies like Franca..WOW. Lovely post! Have a fun and lovely weekend my friend! Anita

  12. Beautiful women, each and every one of them! I hope I age as gracefully!

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