Friday Pretties: New shoes!

Pretty shoes 
never fail to inspire me, for somehow they seem to say so much about a person. And they ad to a person as well. Painting a shoe feels like painting a woman to me, but is lighter and more playful. These 3 paintings got sold and i recently saw them again. It's such fun to meet up with paintings in peoples houses and see, how they change the rooms, how different they look in someone elses atmosphere.

Have a happy friday - weekend, here we come! 

Paintings: Acryllic on canvas, MVS (me) 
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  1. Yay for the weekend!
    Nice shoes ;) Love the colors!

  2. I LOVE Shoes! And, pretty painting of shoes? - Too much fun! Thanks for playing along with Friday Pretties.
    Enjoy your week,

  3. love your paintings of pretty shoes!
    have a lovely weekend!


  4. My precious friend, your art is lovely!!!! I have had a tough two weeks of school that have left me wanting...I am going to blog, draw and play my music this weekend in a quiet house...enjoy every moment of your lovely creativity!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  5. Those are some delicious shoes my dear
    have a very happy Rosie

  6. I love all these pretty colored elegant shoes, sweet Martina!
    Slow computers... sigh... we need to have patience... but we don't do we ;)

    Have a lovely evening and a happy Sunday. Hope there will be sun in Germany too. xxxx You do live in Germany, don't you ;) xxx

  7. Martina dearest....I HOPE YOUR COMPUTER BEHAVES! I feel so disconnected from my passions without it! Of course, there are many other things to do off the computer, but I am attached to you all! Thank you for coming to visit me today for my new post...miracles can happen when we DO....enjoy your weekend of beauty!!! LOVE, Anita

  8. Those paintings are great! What a fun subject to paint.

  9. The shoes are lovely... The colors are very vibrant in the paintings!!
    Have a nice day martina:)

  10. Martina.,
    I should visit your blog very often, I loved your paintings. Shall see you soon again. take care.

  11. Martina ma belle! THANKS FOR COMING BY TO SPREAD THE LOVE! Yep, if I am away too long from my computer, I am lost! SO much of what I do is in the computer! But of course at work, my sweet little charges are my focus.

    What a great idea for a story!!! THE MAGIC TEACHER...may I give it a try? Have a great new week my friend. Anita

  12. Anita, mais bien sur, give it a try - maybe i will, too ... Oh, how i wish i had more time for things like this - right now, i'd like to lock myself away and write and paint for months!

  13. photofunia is not so bad. Just try they have some awesome effects also.

  14. I love these, Martina! They are so much fun. I can see why they sold right away : )

  15. Lock me away too Martina! I'll paint with you :)
    (no, I'm not as talented but I'll give it my best!)
    Your shoes are so pretty!
    I love the Swedish designs below too...

  16. ¿Qué atracción especial tienen los zapatos para nosotras?.
    Me han gustado los cuadros.

  17. Gorgeous shoes!! I like them on my feet and on my walls too!

  18. Very fun, and pretty paintings Martina!! All of my daughters are shoe addicts,,,they would be swooning over these! I will have to share your blog with them! :) You are such a talented artist!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments!


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