Monday Love: Swedish with a twist

Gudrun Sjoeden is a designer from Sweden i like. 
She has a unique style, inspired by classic folk art from the Sweden. But what i love most is her special use of colors. Somehow she manages to have a palette of colors you see nowhere else, bold and soothing at the same time, and with interesting and sometimes daring combinations.

These pictures appealed to me today, because of the atmosphere of calm, quiet but cosy, which is just what i seem to need right now. And: i WANT that chair in the first picture. Isn't it gorgeous?
Gudrun also does fashion which is lovely to look at. Also, she has all her things made in an eco-friendly, green way. See more of here things here!

All photos: Gudrun Sjoeden


  1. I enjoyed it a lot.
    The other site like this is - they do new effect every day

  2. What a great site! I love Swedish design-you're right , she does have a very unique color palette :)

  3. I love these so much! Thanks for the intro!

  4. I love these images, especially the one chair with a side table of books. Now to check out the link!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. I love these rooms! The wood cabinet on the wall is beautiful!! I love the natural wood baskets with the all white fireplace,,and adorable horse statue. The apples stacked up by those aqua candles are very inspiring!! :)
    Thanks for sharing...blessings to you,
    Gloria @}~`}~~~

  6. Precious Martina!!!
    You know, I just ADORE Swedish design. I like their sense of simplicity and straight lines. It reminds me a bit of a clean French Country...not an AMERICANIZED version, but the true thing. WHite, organic elements (burlap, wool, linen) and TOYS!!! A toy here or there makes it comfortable and breaks up any sense of pretension. I barely got here from a long day at work!!! HAVE A SPLENDID WEEK MY FRIEND! Anita

  7. I love these pictures based on Swedish Folk Art! My fave is the last pic. I really love the colours and patterns of the rug and the day bed! Have a great week. Wini

  8. i agree!! that chair in the first picture is awesome. those bright colored pillows in the last photo are so pretty.

    <3 gina

  9. Martina,
    Anita and I love Swedish style which we see a lot of here in the Midwestern United States. I love the Swedish style home architecture and folk art. And of course who could survive without the local Swedish bakery? Lovely post.

    I always so enjoy your visits and comments on Rattus Scribus. Thank you for your encouragement about making stories like my recent post into an actual book. That is our dream. Thoughtful stories with a twist.

    Have a beautiful day.

  10. The third pic is so beautiful... Amazing use of colors as you rightly said... I loved it throughly!
    Have a nice day Martina:)

  11. Oh, love love the twist, Martina, color and happiness!
    Hope your week is lovely so far. Have a Guten Abend ;)

  12. Great the gem toned infusion of color :) xo Cat

  13. oh....that fireplace is!


  14. Oh yeah! She DOES make those colors work! Totally gorgeous! & might need that chair :)

  15. I can see your decorating style in these vibrant, happy colors...they are beautiful...just like you...:) on Rosie...............

  16. martina...i love all the wonderfulness you share on this here blog. i am in LOVE with the wooden cupboard in the first photo. how awesome is that. i can.t wait to scooch on over and have a looksie.
    thanks for always inspiring me.

  17. Ah, you have done it again!;-)
    I am drawn to the first and last images without knowing why. I lived in Sweden for two years during my education - I suppose that's why the images appeal to me, moreover, I am very fond of Swedish and Danish art forms. Warmly hopes you are well, my dear!

  18. I love Scandinavian designers...I adore they clean and useful designs.

    Happy weekend dear Martina, cheers: Evi


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