Friday Pretties: Serenity

I think that the ideal space 
must contain elements of magic, 
serenity, sorcery and mystery.
Luis Barragan

Sounds a bit cryptic maybe, that quote, but somehow it it the right note for me today. Hope you can spend some time in your own ideal place this weekend, and catch some magic - in a ray of warm september sun, in creating something, in taking a walk ... something that replenishes your soul and gives you joy. I hope i'll find time to do some more watercolors!

Watercolor by MVS - me. See more Friday Prettieness here


  1. Oh Martina, I am anxious for 3:00 to come around so I can leave work and come home where the magic is!! I love your watercolour and yes, there is serenity to be had this weekend!!!!! LOVE YOUR POSTS! Anita

  2. I need serenity right now ;)
    Love your watercolours :)

  3. ..I say ...your watercolours are full of whimsey and striking colours...I am enjoying your blog and the girl in your art work with the great hair!

  4. What a beautiful watercolor! It is full of imagination! It makes my mind drift off to sweet, serene places full of happy gardens! :)
    Blessings for a peaceful weekend full of joyful painting for you...:)
    @}`~}~~~ Gloria

  5. This is so pretty! I love watercolors. They are so dreamy looking :)

  6. i love how you used the word "cryptic". it was beautiful. i have never used that word in a sentence in my whole life.
    enjoy your weekend sweetie.

  7. Beautiful quote... The watercolors are adding lots of colour in this wonderful day... Just the right headstart to a bright and lovely day:)
    Happy weekend Martina:)

  8. Good morning beautiful!

    Thank you for coming by to check up on me! WHEW!!!!! What a fatiguing week...but satisfying, I have to say. This new TEAM TEACHING model is actually quite good and the benefits of it are ALREADY showing. I think however, what is so fatiguing even for those veteran teachers, is the initial INVESTMENT of time and energy it is taking to meet and coordinate schedules and trying to figure out what we are teaching while being cool, elegant and professional about it. The kids are GREAT THIS YEAR; last year, I had a very difficult class.

    SO....needless to say, Ruben and I both (he is a university professor) just CRASHED yesterday after dinner. I am behind on posting, so whenever you get a chance later on today, come on by!!!

    So lovely to know you....Anita

  9. you always find the prettiest pretties to share with us.....thank you!! enjoy your watercolor time this weekend! :))))

  10. Oh what great quote, Martina.
    Happy happy hugs for a lovely Sunday xoxoxo

  11. Dearest Martina! Hello!!! Thank you for coming, my sweet and precious pearl, you!!!! Ah, what a first was extremely stressful and wild. I was so exhausted yesterday, and now I am planning tomorrow. I need to finalize some things early in the morning and then run with the flow....until we all understand what we are doing, it will be a very stressful time. THAT is why I just want to escape in my blog and talk about PRETTY THINGS!! I like my new header as well...thank you for noticing the light, the open space of it all...that is what I want right now; NO CLUTTER of mind, JUST LIGHT and LIFE!!!

    And yes, just each grade level has to coordinate their schedules together. It is crazy, but for the long-term, it will work out quite well. Anything new is always hard work!


  12. Love your watercolor! A walk in the warm September sun sounds like something I need to do to replenish a bit! Hope you got to do more beautiful watercolors this weekend!

  13. What a beautiful watercolor with an intereting quote to accompany it! It's so true. Every space I create, whether physical or mental, must have an element of magic and serenity. Life is full of many mysteries with many spaces so why not explore them with an attitude of curiosity?!?

  14. what a pretty watercolor!

    have a lovely weekend.


  15. this watercolor and quote go together perfectly, very lovely blog.


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