A present

Surprise, surprise!

A lovely parcel from Canada arrived, from a dear blogland friend many of you know: sweet Koralee from Bluebird Notes. Two living-magazines, a cute blue and silver notebook and a bluebird card. I was so happy, especially since we both thought, the parcel got lost - it took weeks and weeks to arrive here, but - since the bluebird is a bringer of good news it had to succeed in the end!
Now i'm swooning in beautiful images and decorating ideas and just simply forget about the rain outside.
Thank you Koralee, you made me smile! If you haven't seen her amazing blog you must. It's full of eye candy and good ideas that brighten your day!

Fotos: MVS - moi


  1. Ooh, nice!
    I'll go check her blog.
    Have a great Tuesday Martina :)

  2. Hello Martina,
    nice way to brighten rainy day:)I like these magazines too.I had a subscription for one of them for couple of years and even though they are "outdated" now I can't part with them.Never ending inspiration.The crochet ornament is beautiful....like a cherry on a cake. I bookmarked Koralee's blog-thanks. Hope you have a wonderful day, xo Monika

  3. They don't get much sweeter than Koralee!!! Love your gift! I was just telling my lil sis about these cute bookmarks this morning! I will have to send her to visit you Martina!

  4. wow. what a nice gift! i'll have to check out her blog. hope all is well!


  5. Precious Martina, oh your comment made me smile and brought comfort to my aching legs...I haven't worn heels all summer and I wore them today, running around from 6:00am to 6:00pm.....I had a marvelous day, and your thoughts are well received and loved. You are such a kind friend friend, I have to say, you are just a fine human being. Merci mille fois ma belle amie....everything went well, and all I can do is take one day at a time. AND YOUR GIFT IS GORGEOUS! I will be meeting Koralee since she is coming to my city this month for the Creative Connection event! I was hoping to have her at my home for tea, but she may not make it due to a tight schedule. However, I will seek her out at the event and take a picture!!!!!


  6. OH, how sweet is this!! Beautiful parcel...just like Koralee!
    So glad you are enjoying your lovely gift...:)
    blessings to you,

  7. Oh you are way too sweet for words my friend...thank you for your kindness. You have become a blessing to me in this blogworld of ours. I am very happy you are enjoying them while being cozy in your home.... while the rain is falling.
    Hugs to you for a great evening or morning..not sure what time of day it is there.


  8. Aww...what a lovely surprise, Martina!!
    Its amazing to have a gift from our bloggy friend..
    Congrats to you, my dear friend!
    hope you enjoy the gifts...


  9. So fun! Love to get surprises in the mail like that!

  10. EnJOY your lovely magazines, Martina! Looks like a so so Koralee package.
    Have a happy evening und Guten Nacht xxxx

  11. Good morning sweet friend,

    YES! HIGH HEELS! And yesterday morning, I woke up at 3:00am! Surprisingly, I made it through the day and even came home to play my harp, but after I ate, I CRASHED on the couch! Back at it again this morning; 3:30am......after the initial adrenalin wears off, I hope to get back to my normal 4:00am wake up!!!

    Have wonderful day, and yes, isn't blogland fun and wonderful? Anita

  12. hey! its nice to meet someone who does magazines. i now write for a lifestyle mag for mothers here in the phil. my work will get published soon this november :) hope you can teach me tips or something and hoping to learn from you.

    following you now. hope you follow too



  13. isn.t it amazing at the friendships that are born through this blogging community? it still blows me away.
    koralee is a sweetheart for sure.
    hope you got to sit somewhere quiet for a time and browse through those magazines.
    happy day dear.


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