Friday Pretties: Some paintings in progress

Happy friday!

A quick peek into my studio wirh an assembly of paintings – finished, unfinished ... I always like to see paintings assembled as groups, influencing each other, forming something like a tune. I can never work on just one canvas a time, there always have to be more of them. And the, looking is just as important as painting. Looking, contemplating the next step – always an adventure!

Have a fun and creative time this weekend, and be inspired by more prettieness here!  


  1. Great art work.Really amazed to know you work simultaneously on many canvas.

  2. Hi Martina,
    Sound like you have a wonderful adventure on doing your art work...
    It's always nice to see your beautiful art work, my friend!
    Happy Friday too to you!

  3. When next in Germany I would love to visit your studio. Are you in frankfurt? I shall send an e-mail. Most magazine are based in Hamburg and some in Munich. Let me know your e-mail address.
    Enjoy the weekend;-)

  4. Your studio is a lovely place to spend hours and hours! Have a happy weekend, Martina xxx

  5. Ooooo you make me so jealous! I just wish I could paint! :) But I do love enjoying yours! you sure look inspired! Love it!

  6. Your paintings are exquisite,impressionist art is above all of my favorites. Your talent is inspired. I'm so happy I found your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  7. beautiful art, martina! you're so prolific...amazingly so.


  8. Martina,
    What a very wonderful studio, and very pretty and colorful artwork you do! Amazing paintings! I could envision you going from painting to painting with a paintbrush adding your special artistic creativity to them. :)
    I hope you have a happy weekend!
    Sweet blessings to you,
    Gloria @}~`}~~~

  9. Oh, and such a pretty glimps it is...
    Hoping you have a lovely weekend!
    Smile on Rosie

  10. My sweet, sweet, friend! It was a busy and wild morning and day, and I was not able to visit your LOVELY post this morning. I am home now to see your kind comment. I thank you so much for thinking of me! My laryngitis has turned into a very bad cough; AND YOU? I know that you were sick as well!!! You, me and another dear friend in The Netherlands are very sick right now! I took Wednesday off, only to come back on Thursday having missed some important things. The problem is that so much is expected from teachers and we have double the load this year. Oh I am so looking forward to the weekend that officially starts NOW chez nous! Dearest, enjoy YOUR weekend, CREATE, be with those you LOVE and know that you have a friend here in the USA that cares for you!
    ENJOY! Anita

  11. I enjoyed a peek into your studio... Looks Lovely Martina!
    I cant wait to see those wonderful paintings... Hope you finish them soon:)

  12. Martina, I just got your wonderful comment, but on my blog roll, another title comes up as a post, but not this one! I have a feeling that your newest post has not reached me yet! GET WELL SOON DEAR ONE and thank you for thinking of your COUGHING COLLEAGUE! One day at a time, one cough drop at a time!!! BISOUS, ANita

  13. Oh my gosh, Martina: real art you create here. You read my mind in your comment on my post: a super mouse or super rat is coming soon to blog post near you. So happy to know someone who dreams of super power or magic. Anita enjoyed my post and immediately took up the pencils and drew for me a rat in a cape. He's quite a chubby fellow and shall remain nameless and hidden from the public for the moment.

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Hello Martina,thanks for the "peek" :)) I love your color scheme,beautiful art!

  15. Good morning, Martina! Yes, I think you are correct that sometimes when we compose a draft, that may show up as a post.....because this has happened before....Oh dearest, I am feeling much better! My voice is coming back, but I am still coughing. However, the cough is not as bad as it has been in past times. I do however, have some fresh thyme that is still good in a pot in my garden! I MUST TRY SOME THYME TEA! Herbs are astonishing. Last night, I had a terrible stomach ache from eating too many cough drops....yikes! But I made some green tea, and immediately, I was cured. I hope you are enjoying a quiet and restful day my dear...the week is full of work for us both. Cheers, my dear friend! Anita

  16. martina!!!!
    seriously? you are an amazing artist. why don.t we get to see more of your art here? i had no idea. maybe i am just out of it..(quite possible)
    thank you for you comments about a safe harbor. i loved your answers but the comment you made about taking care of yourself as well, really hit home to me.
    thank you for sharing.
    you are a great blog friend.

  17. Lots of color! I love it!
    The studio is always a great glimpse into the artist's style.
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  18. I love the colors! They look amazing...


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