Friday Pretties: Watercolor fun

Hi dear friends! Have a pretty friday and a wonderful weekend!

I'm having a crazy time at the moment, lots of turmoil in business that takes so much time and energy. I need some simple pleasures now - sun, birdsong, ice-cream, a nap, a visit to your lovely blogs ... What are you craving this weekend?
Watercolor by MVS. See more Friday Prettieness here!


  1. This work is soooooo cheerful, Martina. It screams: Happiness!
    We are forecast with some good weather, so the backyard is our place to be ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend too! xxooxx

  2. Una obra fresca y llena de vida.

  3. Very beautiful artwork! I hope your weekend and life are filled with much happiness!
    Blessings to you sweet Martina!
    xoxo Gloria

  4. My dear, dear Martina,

    DID YOU PAINT THIS PAINTING? Whoever did, bravo to them; it is so perfect and lovely! Well let's see...what do I crave this weekend? A clear head (my students come back to school on Tuesday), REST, confidence in my skills as a teacher, TIME to enjoy my past times (harp-playing, drawing, cleaning my house, shopping) and just some DOWN TIME to read!!!! Seeing your gorgeous blog just reminded me of all theh lovely people out there, like YOU!!! Happy weekend, Anita

  5. Dear Martina,what a beautiful,colorful painting.I love it!!
    I am going to enjoy the last (long)weekend before the school starts on Tuesday and with it the daily routine of being a mother of the 8th grader :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself.........xo Monika

  6. Oh Martina this is sooo pretty! I love all the colors...a perfect match for my gumballs.

  7. Oh Martina, really, your painting is exquisite and so professional! My little mermaid is an attempt to draw after a 40 year hiatus in art. But I am enjoying myself and LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you for your kind encouragement and support and I will think of all the warm wishes as I start ON TUESDAY with 50 students!!!!!

    Stay warm dearest; we are getting a little chillier, but you know, I love it that way. TEA TIME!!!! Blessings, Anita

  8. This is so pretty! I'm hoping for simple pleasures too.....for all of us! Martina, thank you so much for your beautiful words of enthusiasm & blog kindness.

    For me it is close to midnight right now. I kissed hubby goodnight and I started the coffee maker. I'm going to tidy up the studio and think about the next art project I crave!

  9. So pretty! It seems I am craving sleep! so boring, no? :)

  10. So beautiful , Martina!!
    Always love to enjoy your creative artwork..

    Have a very happy week ahead!

  11. Dear Martina,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind and wise comment on my post Tolkien Friendship. On another note, I must praise your beautiful art and work on your blog here. I have briefly looked at Kid's Life, but as I look at your blog, I realize that I must take a deeper look.

    Peace and joy to you.

  12. Beautiful colors !! that painting !!....lovely weekend.....enjoy !!.love Ria......

  13. that is such a happy piece of work Martina.
    hope things with the business get better.
    happy week ♥

  14. I am sooo happy that parcel arrived..boy I think the mailmen were reading those magazines...enjoy sweet one...just wish they were now Fall magazines...oh well.

    Love your pretty work today...xoxoo Happy week.

  15. Ohhh I hope you had a weekend full of sweet little things and were able to have your mind of business for a while.
    That is what I needed too.
    :) Anna

  16. O happy painting full of joy! It made me smile today :) My summer flowers are fading, fall is in the air here on the central coast of California, and I'm missing them already. Your lovely bouquet cheered me up!

    I am craving ice cream as well. An obsession, really. And I can't eat just a bite or two...I have to have the whole Hagan Daz container!!

    I always enjoy your visit and your enlightening comments. So happy we met :)

  17. Such a beautiful painting you're so talented!! :-)xx


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