Monday Love: Stripes

I love stripes. 
And sometimes, i also love to paint stripes. The first two and the fourth picture are paintings of mine - the first one got sold to a winery and decorates their very modern tasting room (1st photo).

Picture: sunset:  

Painting stripes has a meditative quality about it. You don't have to think about what you paint, you just go along with the process, intuitively choosing colors.

  Stripes can be seen as a lot of things. A landscape, a bookshelf, a window with curtains, a fence, a deckchair, a pattern - and they always seem to have an easy, playful quality about them. 

I love the arrangement of colors in this  elegant living room 
Picture: Elle decor

Stripes look good on dreses too - but really what caught my eyes in this picture was the quilt in the backgroung - isn't it striking?
Picture: Country living

Hope your week starts on an easy, playful note as well. As far as i'm concerned, i feel a lot of pressure at the moment. Maybe stripes can ease my mind!

Other Fotos:  MVS 


  1. I love stripes too. Mostly pastel shades. They are so girly and pretty. xxx

  2. Martina my sweet! I saw your blog post pop up yesterday, but when I came to your site, it wasn't here I did see STRIPES come up, but no post yet. BEAUTIFUL! I love wide pink stripes against cream....sooooooo lovely on a French chair..enjoy your day; I hope you are not having so much rain. TOday is cooler, ringing in the new school year that starts NEXT TUESDAY!

    BISOUS ma belle, Anita

  3. that.s it.
    i am going to go paint stripes.
    you make it sound as good as yoga.
    (you are so darn to visit here.)
    happy stripey week.

  4. i never get tired of stripes...they are fun to wear and a fun on the wall. great post!


  5. The Elle decor image with the artwork, that is just amazing! Loved it!

  6. Love this today...yes stripes are wonderful...I did a wall of them in my daughters room. The results were wonderful! xoxoxo

  7. Your paintings beautiful! I absolutely adore them!

  8. Adoring strips too, Martina, especially in blue and white together! Pure happiness. I find myself always buying striped shirts for the boys ;)

    Hope your week is lovely so far. xxxxx

  9. Good morning sweet Martina! Tea and macaroons sounds like the remedy for a chilly day! We are having humidity loom over us, and THAT kind of weather makes me tired, but soon, our chill will be blowing in, and thoughts of pots of tea, friendship and warm blankets are not too far off.....wishing you a successful and happy day dear friend! Anita

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stripes are awesome and that quilt is fantastic!

  11. You have now made stripes less intimidating for me! Yours are so full of color and life, I must go paint stripes now :)

    Thank you for your comment about blooming. So happy to hear you are blooming with an inner sun of light!! Love this! Life swirls around us endlessly, but to be able to center, to go to the core and find that inner light, that's powerful, my friend.

  12. stripes...they are indeed so much fun to paint! I have covered many a canvas with varying colours and it really is a soothing and intuitive process!

    thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts today....

    i wonder if my home is currently in need of some stripy inspiration!?

    ciao bella


  13. Beautiful! I love that quilt too!!! :)

  14. Stripes are something that looks so simple but can change an overall view...
    I also love stripes..

    your stripes was really wonderful, Martina!
    You're so talented!
    Thanks for showing us.
    Wishing you have a blessed day!

  15. Hi Martina,
    I too love stripes and I loved all of them!
    the fourth pic with all those wonderful colours are a treat to watch..
    You are a genius with that brush :)

  16. I think that stripes are very eyecatching and they have a modern yet timeless quality. Your paintings look great and are very outstanding! Wini xo


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