Friday Pretties: Gorgeous fall grey

October’s supposed to be golden, but it looks grey to me.
Grey is the new black this season – and it can be very elegant, hip and romantic, because it doesn’t steel the show from you. Gorgeous, soft, alluring grey in pretty sweaters, scarfs and cardigans, warmed up with some chestnut leather, red lipstick or a bright smile!
Aw, having some new things to wear and trying new combinations makes autumn so much nicer. All these beautiful women were captured by the talented sartorialist, an amazing street fashion photographer many of you will know.

So many lovely people are out there in the world, making the place a little nicer, outdaring grey skies with grey fashion and colorful imagination! What would we do without them? Love you people!

Happy Friday everyone – and don’t forget to .... always look at bright side of life! More pretties here!


  1. Well, I just bought a grey sweater. Who Knew?!?
    I love everything on this post and it really makes me want to go shopping! :)

    Thanks for being a part of Friday Pretties. So,so Pretty! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Joyce

  2. love the grey, martina! i'm looking forward to cooler temps, to break out all of my sweaters/jumpers.

    hope you have the loveliest of weekends!

  3. I love the color gray! My mother-in-law crocheted me a pretty scarf...looking forward to it cooling down a little more to actually wear it! :) These fashions are very beautiful!
    Have a happy weekend,
    xoxo Gloria

  4. Oh that is good to know! I like gray so much better. And the fashion shots you picked are really appealing! i can see my daughter wanting to wear all of those!

  5. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures.

  6. Its amazing how even a dull colour like gray can inspire us to look at the brighter side of things in life... Beauty Really lies in the eyes of the beholder!! Thanks for this pretty post Martina!
    Have a lovely weekend:)

  7. I love all of these looks! So excited it is almost cold enough to wear sweaters and scarves :)

    If you ever get the chance, I would recommend trying a pumpkin spice latte! Or you could try making your own from this recipe from All Natural Annie:

  8. great pictures! grey has always been a favorite of goes with everything and always looks chic. hope all is beautiful in your world! happy weekend.


  9. Oh dearest, these images are just magical!! Your posts most definitely come late to me here in the U.S.; I missed this completely! WOW!!!! And if you get a chance, go to Nowhere to see what Tea Rat has done at the Pumpkin Party....he is too much for words....ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Anita

  10. Oh yes, let's waltz on into a better week ahead in the working world...a place that both Ruben and I are grateful to have during these hard times, but we do love our weekends to dream up NOWHERE stories with our friends!

    Thank you for coming dearest, and these sweaters and écharpes in gray are so wonderful!

    Bises, Anita

  11. Oh I fell head over heels in love with the second outfit, love love LOVE it. Ich wuensche dich einen tollen Sonntag, liebe Martina xxx Das Wetter wird wieder sehr schoen sein heute, also ich bin viel, sehr viel, draussen xxx

  12. Dear Martina,I also fell in love with the gray this season and purchased few new pieces of clothing for fall and winter in this lovely color. Great photos!! It's the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada,I don't know if you celebrate it in Germany but ether way I hope you have a wonderful weekend,cheers,Monika.

  13. I love grey, Martina!
    I think this color could match with all the color.
    I also love the style of those beautiful women in the pics.

    Wishing you enjoy the October with full of joy and happiness!

  14. Oh, i love love love GREY! And everything about all three of these looks!


    November Grey
    $70 makeup giveaway!

  15. Hi Martina,
    with images as beautiful as that I have looking forward to winter!
    The gray forever, I love it!
    Kisses, Elena

  16. I love all of these fall fashion picks. The hats add so much sweetness.

  17. These are all so beautiful! It's definitely sweater weather wear I live and I think time to go shopping!


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