Friday Pretties: Golden moments

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.
Pablo Picasso

Yep - so true this quote! Have set myself the aim, to start on a new painting-routine, for otherwise my days are too crowded now and i'm too tired in the evenings to get involved in creative adventures. Yet i miss them so much! Making the magazine is creative too, but i need the living colors, the smell and feel of them. Hope to blog about this soon. The green and yellow stillife above is something from last winter that keeps inspiring me along the way.

Have a fantastic, colorful time yourself over this autumn and Halloween weekend and visit Joyce and her generous linkup for more pretties here!!

Painting: Aryllic on canvas, Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Oh dearest done, these are such happy and wonderful colors! You and I are on the same wavelength of thought; my new post has gray and YELLOW, a color that I usually don't use, but with GRAY it is beautiful! I had a panic attack yesterday at school. Too much stress indeed. I hope you are well....the weekend is upon us! Bisous, Anita

  2. Hope your weekend will be filled with bunches of GOLDEN moments, sweet Martina! xxxx Alles gute xxxx

  3. Oh dearest, I too have plans to rejuvenate my body and mind. I plan to draw more puppy dogs, work on a book of mine, and just wait for our builder to come on MONDAY...he said he would dig the hole on Monday, but I have not heard a confirmation from him, so I don't know....but like you, I am looking forward to some down time!!!


  4. what a great painting-
    i love the colors-can't wait to read about your 'creative adventures'
    happy weekend to you too :)

  5. Has conseguido un estilo propio para tus pinturas (y no es facil), me encanta.
    Bss y buen fin de semana.

  6. Beautiful in everyway...these colours are perfect for this time of year. I would love a huge one hanging in my livingroom...I mean a wall size that would make me happy.

    Have a great Friday...fill it with some JOY! xoxox

  7. Good evening my dearest Martina!

    Thank YOU for coming by to visit me again tonight. Oh stress.....hmmmmmm, I just had an awful experience right before coming to see my comments; I was sleeping peacefully on the couch after dinner and woke up to terrible leg cramps! Then, it frightened me so much that I had another anxiety attach and I am trying to relax at this moment by coming to visit my sweet friends such as you. This is a wild working world, indeed. Oh I long for a real rest this weekend!

    So good to see all the lovely colors here on your to you, Anita

  8. There is no better feeling than to know that you have been inspired by one of your own works! Inspiration lies around us so many times but we fail to spot it, isnt it?!
    I love that bowl of beautiful colours and I hope you start playing with them soon!!!
    I wont say 'Have a' because I am sure 'you are having' a colourful day:)

  9. The first picture is so happy, sunny, colourful and bursting with detail. Ah, you really ought to find special time to paint. i adore your creative spirit. I shall send an e-mail early next week;-)

  10. dear dear martina
    please please share more of your wonderful colorful talent with us.
    i LOVE visiting here and always get a smile when i see a comment from you on my silly ol bloggy blog.
    happy weekend.

  11. I really like that inspiration quote. It's very ...errrr...inspirational! It's so easy to just sit and do nothing and expect the inspiration to flow.

    I also love the quote in your sidebar about happiness.

    I'll try and remember both these.

  12. Wowie!!! beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday.

  13. I LOVE these so much! Just gorgeous! I really adore the colors, too, you are so talented, my dear! XX!

  14. I am always inspired by your words, your quotes, your colors, your entire blog!! Looking forward to hearing more about "living colors."

    Happy happy to you, dahling :)

  15. 'Golden moments' was such a perfect name for this wonderful painting..
    I love the golden color which brushed almost around all the painting was so gorgeous..
    Thanks Martina, i can really enjoy your painting..

    hope you have a beautiful week a head.

  16. Beautiful. I wish I had more time to paint. It is such a wonderful feeling.
    Happy new week!

  17. GOOD MORNING MARTINA DEAR! Oh it is always so nice to see you my friend! Wooooooo, am I ready for a long vacaction! Work is tough, and we all feel the pinch, but all the same, GRATEFUL to have jobs. I am getting a rhythm to this madness and if I can KEEP UP, I will be doing what is necessary. HOWEVER, OUR BUILDERS STARTED YESTERDAY MARTINA!!!! I have this huge hole in the ground and today, more work will be done! And as for my legs....I had these cramps on Friday night, and my right leg is STILL SORE...not cramped, but rather SORE. I called up the HOTLINE from my insurance company to speak to a nurse. She said to not worry about CLOTS....but that it sounds like an electrolyte imbalance. My right calf is still sore so I need to give it time. I so understand your situation with TOO MUCH WORK! There is so much to do, all you can do it to bite off one piece at a time. We simply do not have the physical energy to keep ourselves happy, healthy and SANE if we were to do otherwise!

    I wish you a productive, but RESTFUL day dear one; you so deserve it!
    BISOUS, Anita

  18. Martina....beautiful work!!! Love the gold colors with that pink rose! So pretty!
    I was just visiting a blog that showed flowers from her garden, golden mums with pink edges (Marica's from Blessed mom's simple home) these colors reminded me of them..:)
    Have a golden day...xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  19. Dear Martina, I LOVE your painting! the colours and the flowers are so pretty! The photo collage is also really lovely and the colours make me feel happy. I can relate to establishing a routine. I also try to stick to one. Hope you are having a wonderful and colourful weekend! Wini xo


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