Friday Pretties: Autumn Roses

Autumn Roses

These are from an 2008 series, playing with shapes and ornaments. It's amazing how paintings in vibrant colors can liven up a cool office-spaces and rooms full of computers, printers and the like.
I heard Bill gates uses huge flat monitors instead of paintings on the walls and has various artworks projected, according to the mood of the day. But that can never be the same. The energy is different. We've got to much flickering screens in front of us already and we crave the warmth and living vibrations from a painting we really like - well, at least i do!

Have a warm, creative weekend - and find more pretties here!!

Paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid, Acryllic/Canvas


  1. I completely agree... Nothing beats the feeling of warmth and peace that comes through the paintings!
    Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. Oh Martina, I so agree with you....computers are great since they connect us with each other, but as far as paintings are concerned, yes, the warmth and texture of paints can never be replaced! LOVELY PAINTINGS DEAREST! And have a magical weekend, Anita

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous, vibrant, and soul-richingly fabulous. These are paintings I want to step up close to, to smell, to touch with my eyes.

    (not a monitor, for sure, which lacks that quality of a textured canvas).

    Just lovely, Martina! The colors are singing to me...

  4. Lovely Fall colors, Martina. Have a happy weekend, much reading fun!
    Liebe liebe Gruesse von mir xxxx

  5. So vibrant and so full of life these paintings! Totally agree about art and the energy it radiates. I'm on my computer more than I'd like, so why would I want beautiful, flowing pieces of art on a screen?

    Happy fall to you, dahling, and may your day be full of color and warmth :)

  6. love the autumn roses, martina. beautiful!

    have the loveliest of weekends.

  7. Wowwwwww...this is so so nice paiting !!...happy friday Ria....

  8. Wow, Martina! All of them are very, very pretty! I agree with you...nothing beats having a piece of "original" artwork hanging in your home. You can't find that kind of tactile feel and texture from a computer screen!!
    Sweet blessings for a pretty Friday,
    xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  9. Your Autumn roses paintings were so beautiful, Martina!
    I love the vibrant color... it's make more warmly...

    happy friday pretty to you, dear friend!

  10. What a wonderful colorful surprise to be greeted by these paintings as they filled the monitor! Filled with life they are!

  11. Nice paintings.
    wish you a happy weekend too. It is festival time here and all are in high spirits.

  12. Oh Martina, A SPA EXPERIENCE? NOW THAT IS REJUVENATING! Oh, how I would love a spa weekend! You deserve it so dearest. What a week we have had. How wonderful that your grandmère lived so long and kept on DRAWING. That is an inspiration. My father died at 82 and was still playing his piano, although about 2 days before he died, he slowed down. BUT, he was still walking around the block with his oxygen can! KEEP MOVING....KEEP DRAWING...that is one of the secrets, n'est-ce pas? Have a cozy evening dear one. Thank you for visiting. Anita

  13. So pretty...I love the autumn pinks and are sooo talented!

    Weekend hugs.

  14. Love that top one! I adore pink and orange together, my favorite! You are so talented! XX!

  15. I agree with you! No more monitors! I could have been very happy in the 50's, but then I would be with out Blog World. Sad...
    Your paintings are so pretty and peaceful. Love Them!
    Thank you also for your encouraging comments. It has been a rough road, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Enjoy your week.
    Love, Joyce

  16. These paintings are all so beautiful! The first one, especially, speaks to me -- I could definitely see it hanging in my home! :)

  17. ...Your colours are stunning happy and sooo PRETTY!

  18. These are beautiful. I think everyone should have real paintings in their life!
    Have a great weekend :-)


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