Monday Love: Spring is in the air!

Just because ... 
Times are strange at the moment - so much suffering and tension everywhere i look. Why does this have to be so? A wonderful guru from India i once met at a retreat, Soham Baba, said, the world is like a golden coin, and it has two sides.  We cannot have one, without the other.  Where there is light, there is shadow also. Yet, since the news are so depressing, i feel that here in blogland, we are aiming for balance - by concentrating on the bright side, by putting so much energy in showing each other, and manifesting, the beauty and goodness of live, again and again. I'm so glad we can share this - not because we are blind to the "real world", but just because ...

This is a painting of mine from some years ago and it's one of those i don't want to part with. It was inspired by spring, by sunshine, the happy tunes of tulips, daffodils and forsythia - and Fauns and Kentaures by Picasso. I feel drawn to these wild, magical creatures as they resonate with the wild side of life, with playfulness, innocence and nature.

Painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Hello darling ! thanks for tha lovely beautiful cards!!.......they arrived......have a nice week...thanks thanks !! love love

  2. I can see why it is hard to part with this gorgeous piece of art, I would too if I were you! Thanks for sharing my friend, have a great week ahead!

  3. Hi Martina..beautiful heart-warming post..and such gorgeous feels dreamy, poetic...illuminating and uplifting..very magical indeed!
    Happy Spring

  4. I agree with you. I too had to do something to help get out of the heavy darkness from all that is going on in our world.

    I really love your piece. It is vibrant, intense, whimsical and makes me happy to look at it.

  5. Ditto. Your words are perfect, nothing to add. Love this picture of yours, I can feel it has spring in the air. Love + talk soon

  6. How true! We really cant comprehend why things go bad. In a way, we are helpless.. But what we can do is bring some positivity and cheer in our own little way.
    And thats exactly what this beautiful piece of art does! You are really gifted, Martina. Your wonderful creations never cease to amaze me!!
    Have a lovely week ahead:-)

  7. We do need balance in life!! I love the colours in this painting, I can see why you do not wish to part with it. It's a beautiful bright spring day here, I hope it is one there for you too!! xx

  8. you are talented! This picture is quite good!

  9. Oh what wise words about the coin.....SO without death, joy without pain...soooo true! And BALANCE...yes. Your paintings dearest SHOW ME SO MUCH HOPE and beauty; I still cannot get over the loveliness found in your magazine...and I am honored to have a copy. Must go now...but it is my last week before a BREAK!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! I can make it, I KNOW I CAN!!! BIG HUGS TO YOU BEAUTIFUL ONE!!! Anita

  10. Beautiful painting Martina, Have a wonderful week ahead.

  11. What a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of spring. During difficult times I think it is helpful to focus, even for a little bit, on beauty.


  12. Yes, we need both the shadow and the light for balance. Yet recently it seems there is too much shadow to enjoy the blogland is a good place to be reminded of, and to participate in, the beauty that is all around us all the time :)

    I love mystical creatures, especially the one in your gorgeous painting full of so much LIGHT!!!!!


  13. Ich liebe dein Post, Martina. Beautiful words! I did enjoy the sun too today, Spring is off to a great start!!
    Alles liebe, tomorrow I will post the mag...
    Much love xxxxx

  14. I too do love how people are showcasing love & beauty in these times! I know we are all aware & watching & morning & then...showing there is still beauty & love....& it love is good. Love your happy painting today! Brings cheer to my heart!!!

  15. What a beautiful painting, sweetie! Don't ever part with it! It's so full of joy and life. Happy Spring, my friend :) xoxo

  16. Beautiful painting Martina.. you are a woman of many talents..

    I'm drawn to those wild things too... the unburdened in this world..

    Have a great week.. and thanks for the lovely comment and the heads up re: super moon.. I haven't been keeping up with news these past few weeks... too much sadness... ciao xxxx Julie

  17. You are so talented! Beautiful painting!
    I love how we can try to keep a balance out here in blogland. To show the beauty in each day on our blogs. To share our artwork we do from the heart, in the hope of showing the brighter side of life. To show that there is something right in the world, and that each of us can make a difference in the life of another. Thank you for your encouraging words...:)

    Happy day to you!

    xoxo Gloria


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