Lemon-almond cupcakes

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first. 
Ernestine Ulmer
 I'm a big fan of all things lemon and almond, so i thought, combining the two things in a cupcake might be wonderful! These are the sweeteies i was talking about in the other post and if you feel like baking this weekend - give it a try! 

The topping is invented by me and tastes very good on toasted bread as well. It's a mix of cream cheese, some whipped cream, lemon juice, a bit of sugar and a few spoonful of lemon curd.
As for the dough, you can use the recipe here.

I'm so glad the weekend is here for i've been tired all week! It's supposed to be a sunny one and we have planned: shopping at the farmers market, a barbecue with friends, some gardening ns maybe a lovely walk in the vineyards. What are you up to lovelies?

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

P:S.: Does anyone know, where in the new blogger surface i can type in my tags for the posts? I just don't find it!


  1. LEMON CURD is my favorite and I believe we have discussed the JOY of this divine combination! OH MARTINA, this is a bright and tasty way to begin the weekend! I do hope you do not have to work this weekend. I will work in my garden and get it ready for more sunshine to embrace it with care...ENJOY YOUR DAY and this is such a sunny and magnificent post! Anita

  2. i love almonds! these sound delicious!!
    have a great weekend...we don't have any plans yet :)

  3. I love lemon !!!...have a nice weekend darling......we have queen's day on monday...so a long weekend......but first i must work tomorrow......love from me...xxx...

  4. I agree-lemon and almond-it must be a delight!

    Life and travelling

  5. Oh I LOVE both flavors!!!
    Aren't you smart?

  6. Hello sweet Martina, Your dessert looks and sound so yummy! I hope you enjoy your weekend! Your plans sound wonderful! I plan on sewing! Have a beautiful day and a fun weekend! xo~Paula... Are you looking for where you add labels to your post? If so, you look to the right on the page you are doing your new post on, you will see Post Settings, and under it is labels. I had to find it the other day too! Hope this helps!

  7. Very enticing on a weekend evening! Have a lovely weekend:)

  8. Lovely! Am feeling so hungry now. Wish I could grab one right away! As for the tags, I second Paula. Labels are towards the right hand side of the post editor window. Click on the box image that appears besides the text 'Labels' and an empty text box will open up which you then can fill with all the tags to your hearts content.

  9. These sound divine!
    Thanks for sharing my friend!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Martina,

    YUM!!! Now I am hungry, haven't had any lunch yet. That recipe sounds and looks delicious!!

    I viewed your paintings. They are all very beautiful!! Thanks for sharing...:) I hope your weekend turns out wonderful. Enjoy!!


  11. That looks wonderful and refreshing!! Perfect for spring days and summer times :)) I hope you have a marvelous weekend & like everyone said, the tags are in the right hand side..this new blogger isn't always so easy to use at times. Have fun this weekend :) xxx

  12. Mmmmmmm ! Looks so wonderfully delicious.

  13. These sound delicious!!! I love lemon and almond AND cupcakes! What a wonderful combination. What's not to like about it? :)

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend! xoxo

  14. OH HOW I NEED ONE OF THOSE (or 2 or 3) RIGHT NOW!!!! how delicious looking!!!! Have you tried the combo of lemon and blueberries? I haven't made them in a while, but scones with lemon flavoring with blueberries added is scrumptious! Hmmmm, with frosting on top with almonds, now that would be fabulous!

    ~ Violet (who has not had breakfast yet)

  15. Wow honey does this look so delicious. I can't wait to go to the store and get what I need to try this. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Sounds like full and fun weekend you have planned.
    Hope you enjoy every minute of it

  16. I never thought of mixing those flavors...YUM! I lOVE them both too!

  17. Like a touch of sunshine, just what i needed :) Enjoy the beautiful weather and time with your family and friends, xo....

  18. Hum....I love it!!!



  19. Yummy....such sweet-delightful pictures...charming....and loving the combo..love lemon too!!

  20. MARTINA!

    You know, I just love seeing your profile photo come up on my comments! You always bring sunshine with your to greet me. I am making chocolate bread at this very moment, but I must make something with lemon soon so I can use lemon curd!!!

    I hope your days are filled with sunshine and only rainy evenings my sweet friend. LOVE! Anita

  21. Your cup cakes are tempting...have a beautiful week ahead dear

  22. Oh my goodness, Martina! These look HEAVENLY and sooo amazing! I pinned this recipe so that I can come back to it... I'm going to look for the almond paste next time I shop. I remember working with it before.
    The way you finished the cupcake with the swirl of frosting and the almond is lovely!
    Have a sweet new week, Martina!
    *blessings always*


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