A home for imagination

Such a cool place to be, 

Cy Twombly's Roma apartment shot by Horst P. Horst for Vogue in 1966.... I imagine myself swanning around these rooms, drawing, dreaming, preparing to paint. It seems so removed from the business and chitter-chatter of everyday life, almost like an underwater palace, removed from time. 
Cy Twombly died last year in Rome, age 83. I found him most phaszinating and inspiring in his old age, where he, who was known for his subtle scribbles painted huge canvases of roses and did something entirely new and daring. 
Any exiting and daring plans for the weekend yet? OMG, i feel lie sleeeeeeeeping in ;)

Photos via: Mondo Blogo


  1. Hi darling,......nice appartement........the weekend...i do not know......i have such a pain in my back..i do not know how tos sit stay walk and sleep.......o my o my......i hope it will recover soon i have lots of pain medication right now.......love love Ria....xxx

  2. no exciting plans yet~maybe just staying cool from the heat?!
    have a super weekend :)

  3. Lovely rooms indeed! And it does look like some place cut off from the madness of the world.
    You too have a super weekend Martina:)

  4. Wow...what a fascinating man...such a lovely home. How are you my friend...I have been so busy bee lately and have missed some of your lovely posts...have a great weekend and DO sleep in. xoxox

  5. ewh, amazing!!! thanks Martina for sharing. See ya next week or so.

  6. Amazing home..love all the pieces!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xx


    I LOVE THIS DÉCOR. I so believe in open and clean bright spaces for THE IMAGINATION. Too much clutter and ill-placed colors are not good for THIS artist. STUNNING and timeless I say is this designer's taste!

    My dearest, DO GET YOUR REST. Oh how I worry that you are not getting enough down time! Please have a wonderful weekend!! Anita

  8. Fabulous post...gorgeous photos..and wonderful tribute to him!

  9. Oh Martina, I so hope your shoulder heals quickly my dear! That hurts TOO MUCH! So nice for you however, to take a day of rest. That will help you immensely! I am so sorry to hear that you are having so much rain! We have had nothing but good weather though we did get a storm last night. But our building project is almost done today and if it rains, that is OK!

    My sweet friend, enjoy a soothing cup of tea and dream....Anita

  10. Hello Martina,

    OH, I could totally see you in this venue, creating up a storm! How is the magazine relaunch coming along? You came to my mind today, so I said some prayers...hope it is going smoothly...Sounds like you need a good REST!

    Take care!!!

  11. Hi Martina,

    What a fascinating man, have never heard of him so was good to find out about him.
    Love the apartment, nice furniture and chairs.

    Happy new week

  12. Oh how I love this post my friend...."A HOME FOR IMAGINATION" is just what I believe in. Now that my studio is completely finished with the painting, I actually have a little LESS in it. It is just white with gray, like these rooms, crystal chandeliers and candelabras, one mirror and two pictures. The room leaves me IMAGINING...and that is what I ENJOY as a creator....SPACE for me to imagine.

    THANK YOU SWEET FRIEND for visiting me. I will be signing off the computer this morning and returning next Sunday. I look forward to my girlfriend's visit!

    LOVE, Anita

  13. What an amazing home! So much beauty for the eyes to see. I feel a rush of creativity flowing right on through!

    Have a great start to the week, Martina! xoxo

  14. You can get such a cool vibe just from his space! Thanks for the peak Martina!
    Hope you are having a great start to your week!

  15. Hope your week is going well my friend....xoxox


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