Have an aqua weekend!

Fresh & exiting ...
Am celebrating happy blue and aqua shades in my new paintings - it makes me feel like i just visited the Caribean islands! But since i had no time to download these pix from my camera yet, i give you some other yummy aqua inspiration for the weekend and hope you get to enjoy the best of August. It will be a bit cooler here, adn i have planned walks and time out with friends. Excuse my slowness in blogging lately. The new paintings in addition to other work takes so much of my energy. But i'll do a good bloghop over the weekend and come visit you all! 

  Photos: Be splendid, tumblr


  1. It's beautiful...have a great weekend...hope it's fun for you!! xox


    Dearest heart, this has been a very busy summer, has it not? I feel as if so many bloggers are away and I too, was one of them. But it is so wonderful to see you here, with our BLUE HUE, so exciting and refreshing. I was talking to a dear friend yesterday who has great insight and knowledge about what colors mean or suggest....blue is the color of COMMUNICATION!!!! This has to be my favorite hue of blue...and you have gifted me today with yet more inspiration. So good to see you and I hope that your season is yielding much excitement and joy to you!!! Anita

  3. Love aqua...it is my favorite color right now......lovely weekend darling......enjoy .....xxx...

  4. I'd love to have an aqua weekend!! Oh that bedroom!
    Take your time visiting...nothing much going on at my place ;)

  5. Amazing aqua colors presented through a series of pics. How wonderful to see this !

  6. Beautiful with aqua and have a nice weekend.


  7. Ahhh finally a moment to sit at the computer & get my MVS fill :) Those pictures are the perfect way to start the day! THat little blue belt is sooo adorable! oh to have styling skills like that!!! Have a fab week Martina!

  8. Hi Martina! :)

    I have missed out on your very lovely posts due to a very busy Summer. Beautiful photos! Your memory jars turned out so incredibly sweet. Love the little painting Anita gifted to you displayed inside!! What a thoughtful lady she is. Your paintings are inspiring and amazing too! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Enjoy the weekend!!


  9. Hello Martina!

    Do you know how much I LOVE this color? It is truly my new favorite color. I go through seasons/years where I'm really attracted to certain colors...and NOW it is Turquoise/Aqua.

    I am so happy that you've been busy painting, because you are so talented and need to express yourself in this manner. Your paintings are full of so much happiness and color!

    Have a restful weekend. Enjoy!

  10. Hola Martina.
    Me encantaría poder tarducir tu blog. ¿Puedes activar el traductor?
    Gracias y saludos.

  11. Loving the colour combinations, beautiful pictures :)

    Kisses dear!

  12. MARTINA!

    It is wonderful to see you and to see this aqua post again! WELL, how is the close of summer coming along for YOU? I am enjoying the fact that my husband returns to school on Monday, and I DO NOT!!!!!!!! THE FREEDOM IS UNREAL!

    Do you know, I got a phone call this morning from someone in New York who was interested in my paper dresses!!! But it did not work out as she was thinking that I do LIFE-SIZED mannequins. At least not at THIS POINT, but I sure would love to!

    So much creativity is in the works. I trust you are enjoying SOME rest? You work so hard my dear.

    Soon blogland will be bustling again for as the kids return to school, bloggers will have a little more time on their hands to visit.

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU dear friend! Anita

  13. Hi Martina,

    I love all the beautiful aqua images you have shown,... and yes, it makes you feel like you are in the Caribbean.
    Thanks for all you share and for the lovely visit from you, was thinking of you the other day.

    Happy weekend

  14. it´s perfect and nice.

  15. HI MARTINA!!!
    I love that shade of BLUE!!!One of my fav colors!!
    My oldest daughters wedding was suppose to be tiffany blue....but no store at the time had that color bridesmaid dress....so she chose a brighter version of aqua....which is this shade!!!
    So lovely, so peaceful.
    Have a Blessed week


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