Fruday art: Happy tunes

Music is what feelings sound like ...

 and so are colors, to me! Are you whistling and singing already, because another weekend is here? These are some happy tunes from my studio, where i played with layers of color and bright bits from italian coockies mixed in. On sunday, i'm invited to a musical evening in another artists garden - this is my way to prepare!
Have a fun time lovelies, will come round to chat later!

Photo and artwork: Marina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Those are wonderful, just what I needed today as it's been stressful. Gorgeous colours and cheerful to me :)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. beautiful! that sounds so fun~have a great weekend :)

  3. Beautiful paintings, they make me happy. Have a nice friday evening.


  4. Soul soothing melody, Martina! Loved what you have composed in your studio. Wish you loads of fun during the weekend!

  5. Happy your picture!!......

  6. L O V E L Y!!!!! and happy too : )

    ~ violet

  7. Martina - I have missed you. Have you not posted or have you posted and I have missed you. I am so sorry. This is very nicely done and the bold I love!!!!

  8. Your art would make anyone want to sing or do a dance. It's so happy!!! Have a lovely weekend.

  9. So happy and beautiful, dear Martina!
    Thank you for bringing us so much joy, sweet friend..
    Enjoy what sounds like a magical Sunday!
    - Irina

  10. Martina my friend
    Lovely,soft,pleasing,soothing and beautiful colors.
    Have a great Sunday Ram

  11. My darling Martina!

    I wonder what happened that I did not see this new post pop up on Friday????? IT IS LOVELY!Dear one, do you put your art on cards???? I am starting to do that with photos of my paper art. Your colors are so lovingly captured with your paint brush and SPEAK SUMMER TO ME! You are a master at freezing spring/summer colors in a way that really SPEAKS TO ME.

    Thank you for always coming to see me my dear...I so adore you. And I hope your summer heat will cool down JUST A LITTLE so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors! MUCH LOVE to you precious Martina! Anita

  12. HI ANITA!!
    your COLORS do indeed invoke a pleasurable state of mind!!!!
    I LOVE them!!
    I do hope you had a great weekend and that you find more time to paint!!!
    thank you so much for popping in to visit me!!!I love it when I get visitors and especially from around the world!!MY daughter just returned from germany....her room mate is from Germany!!!
    they visited Paris and Prague!!!
    She is so in love with Europe...just like her MOMMA!!
    hugs 2 U,

  13. I hope you had a lovely musical weekend, Martina! Those pastel colors are simply beautiful :)

    Hugs <3

  14. Hello Martina...stopping by to say Hello..Was busy with work and travelling..


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