New shoe painting


"Pink is the navy blue of India" 
Diana Vreeland 

 This is with a twinkle to all my friends from India here in blogland. Even though i've never been to that mysterious and exiting country, it's colors seem to be in my blood somehow. Pink and new shoes - what better way is there to add some extra energy and exitement to the week to come?

Here, the  crisp, clear light of late summer days shines into my office and brings out every detail and color so brightly. I just love this time of year, don't you? Come and have espresso with me!

Photos and paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Wonderful painting, the colour makes me smile :) Would love to come and have a drink with you...have a super week ahead my friend xx

  2. Love the colours you clever lady and you have styled it to peachy perfection! Sharon xx

  3. very nice! i love all of these colors :)

  4. I really like your paintings...i like the blue shoe the most !!...i love to drink a capucinno with you...happy week my dear

  5. So gorgeous, Martina! Your paintings always brighten my day. Just imagine if I had one in my home. How lovely life would be :) xoxo

  6. Oh my your paintings are so lovely! The colours are have the best eye for colour! xoxox

  7. Oh happy happy paintings.... : )

    ~ violet

  8. If I could, I would be RIGHT THERE to sit with you and take slow sips of an energizing expresso my dear! I would admire not only the colors but the textures of your beautiful work! I too love the way LIGHT comes into my studio and the rest of my home where I create.

    PEACE and much love to you! Anita

  9. Ah, great minds think alike. I've been busy painting footwear, too. Adore the above images especially the first. Don't you just adore fashion and art;-)

  10. Hi Martina, your blog and your paintings are beautiful.♥ Thanks for finding me! I shall look forward to my visits here.:)
    Jess x x

  11. Martina!!!!

    Hello there my dear! YES, DON'T YOU JUST LOVE SHOES in any color, form and use? Oh and these paintings of yours would make great cards!! How is your weather?Ours is good, but gray and cloudy today....have a beautiful day my friend! Anita

  12. beautiful just beautiful! love both!!

  13. I could definitely have an espresso with you right about now. M is napping and I am SOOOO tempted to lie down too. And I just might! haha!

    Oh these shoe paintings are wonderful. I agree that the colors evoke energy and excitement...

    Have a wonderful afternoon...And go I'm typing this, I hear, little Mr. on the baby monitor, so he just might be awake for the rest of the afternoon. haha... :)


  14. Hi Martina,

    Those shoe paintings are marvelous! You did a beautiful job on all of them. What a talent you have!

    I would love a little cream in that espresso, please...:) Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Wednesday to you!!

  15. Beautiful shoe paintings, Martina! Colors are gorgeous :) And I'd love to come and have an espresso with you!

    Hugs <3


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