Monfay Love: Pastels & Neon

Let's make winter sweet! 

Happy start to your week lovelies! As the landscape here is covered in freshly fallen snow. that transforms everything into winter-wonderland. i can't be quite as miserable about January as i was. And coming across these pretty pastel & neon decoration ideas from stylist Charlotte Lovey, i found these pix ideally suited to give winter a fresh and optimistic twist - what do you think?
If you want to see more, browse the pages of 91 magazine.


  1. Beautiful colours!!
    Have a nice week ahead

  2. What a riot of pleasing colors ! A nice way to start the week.

  3. These are wonderful, the bright colours make me smile. Much needed in this weather :) Have a gorgeous week xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  4. great colors!
    have a super monday : )

  5. Such wonderful colors!! Must feel quite amazing to live in a room like that! Have a wonderful day Martina :)

  6. OH GIVE ME THAT FAN NOW! I need it for my hot flashes that are coming now in waves!

    The colors are divine here my dear, you are making me very happy!!!!! I hope you are well today; our temperatures are wickedly cold and I feel a little headache coming well and know that your colors are just HAPPY!! Anita

  7. What happy colors!!!

    Love that aqua fan with the ribbons blowing. I am going to have to fight Anita for it... She works out more than me so that's probably not a good idea. Oh well.


    Have a happy week Martina,
    ~ Violet

  8. teeeheee...HI VIOLET! NO worries..we can share! There are two images, you take one, I'll take the other!

    OH MARTINA, those hot! But I am well, so happy to see your bright smile come my way! I am working in my cold basement today so that is keeping my feet cold while my cheeks are flushed with heat!

    Enjoy your day. I tell you, I think I am looking forward to spring! Anita

  9. hi Martina! I have been wanting to drop by your site for a long time. When I see you at Anita's site or other's I want to go see you and then I get distracted and forget. My short term memory is zip now days. So come on back often and I will get to you toooo, I promise.

    I love these neon items. Yes, nice brights like this is what we need. Esp. here! OMGOSH, we haven't been above freezing for about 22 days. Argh! These bright colors are what I need!!!!!

  10. I love pastels.......yes !!...pastel is my favorte...spring is in the air i feel it...after it rain hot water......too much snow here...too long.....may it please will be spring soon.....i hate the from week....!!

  11. Hi lovely Martina..I hope you've had a great start to 2013...Oh yes indeed, I do love these pretty pastel pics!
    Keep warm and enjoy your creating,
    Susan x

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