Ulyana in Paris

Stepping out  ... with glamour, with candor and a good dose of "joie de vivre". 

How was your weekend dear ones?  Mine was cozy and lovely. Saturday was so warm, that we could have coffee outside, wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Saturday brought on a lot of wind and leaves and nuts were falling down from the trees. Besides eating a lot of good food, taking walks and just cocooning i've  been working on another fashion illustration, this time featuring a street stylee from Ulyana Sergeenko.
 I love how she combines a glamorous cape and salmon pink heels to an all jeans outfit here. And how she steps out in those heels - tee hee - must work on that a little still! Have a super start into your week - and should the last days of october ruffle your leaves a little - let them fly with the wind!

Illustration: Martine Voigt

Fall queen

A new painting from a red series i did, mixed-media on canvas. I called this one "Fall Queen", because it captures the royal abundance and yet the simple quietness of this time of year and also of a certain time of life ...
Cheers to a super new week - let's celebrate octobers golden grapes and silver cobwebs - am grateful for your friendship and support

Celebrate fall

Celebrate fall, by taking a long walk this weekend, By revelling on colors, light and smell, 

... which are all so abundant this time of year. Who need aroma-therapy of you can have this? 

I really do need some time out this weekend, for the last 10 days or so have ben crazy and very strenuous. I had to travel to Austria, because my dad got very sick but, after we all thought we had to say good bye to him, he surprised us with  a sudden boost of recovery. He's breathing again, eating and making grumpy remarks about the hospital food and all this proves to me once more, that miracles are possible! 
Hope life is good for all of you and am sending you Sunshine!

Painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Barbara in Paris

A fashion illustration i did last week of Barbara von Enger, walking the streets of Paris. Barbara is a painter as well as a hot fashion muse and her unique mix of  haute couture, vintage treasures, hip hop style and caribbean spirit is often photographed and posted by style bloggers, like Fred from "Easy fashion" and magazines such as VOGUE Italy 

The look i was drawing inspired me, because - yes, i love red and pink and her sleek, relaxed way of wearing it, as well as the way she carries her Baguette - like a Baguette-bag from Fendi!
Hope it adds a little french "Oh la la" to your day - can you smell café au laid and a warm croissant?

Drawing: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Sweet remedy for Chocoholics

Rainy fall days with rain, that never stops and some chill in the air - what do they spell? Yes - CHOCOLATE! 

I started experimenting with making my own Truffles last winter, when my older son had a design-project going around chocolate - and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Now friends keep asking me for more and i decides to start making them again. They are very dark, very energizing and - they just seem to give body and soul a little extra energy.

The good news: a bit of chocolate every day is actually good for your health - if it is real, around 75% cocoa. It is good for the heart, for the brain, has a lot of antioxidants - read more about it here.
And than ....follow the recipe here (i used the bittersweet one) and put a smile on everyones face.

Have a sweet weekend everyone!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid