Fashion portrait

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress!
Karl Kagerfeld

I'm currently working on more fashion illustrations and portraiture art, playing with a combination of figures and backgrounds mixed together in a whimsical style. Here, i've put Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of VOGUE Italy, in a little square in a town i love, named Finale Ligure.
 I love her style and her way of looking fabulously refined and "en vogue", but girlish and casual at the same time.

So, since it is icy cold here today and the garden is frozen, this work brought back italian sunshine and dolce vita - how fitting, that we had lunch in an italian restaurant today, for which i do some brand-design.

Excuse my slowness in posting and commenting at the moment, but things and friends around here demand more of my attention at the moment, plus my energy is somehow a little mellow, as winter kicks in. The next thing i'll show you here will ne a freebie for christmas season. Can you believe it is coming so close now?

P.S.: Since i started on my little fashion illustration series, i've had a number of requests to do custom portraits - which i love doing. Should you be interested as well, drop me a note!

Artwork: Martine Voigt Schmid

Pink is always a good idea!

You know how i always dreamed of having my own 
fabric collection for the home 
- now i've started working on some designs, using elements and inspiration from my paintings. I'm exited! 

It's fun to launch out into something new, yet it is also challenging. Not everything that looks good on canvas, works on fabrics, pillows, bags and so on. Am so curious to know what you think of these things listed in my shop here

In case you have a word with the christmas fairy - This weekend, there is
free shipping on all orders if you click on this Link

I'd be happy if you spread the word. Feel free to copy the pix and links from this post. 
 Have a super weekend and see you all soon !

Monday Love: Fall Treasures

Fall is called fall because things are falling ... 
and changing ... leaves and fruits are changing color and are being tossed about and shaken of by the wind. And if we are lucky and keep our eyes ope, we can find things - to collect, to enjoy, to look at, to save up for the winter. These are some things that caught my eyes lately. 

The first picture show homemade apple chips i've been making -  a delightful and healthy snack for when you crave something sweet. They are perfectly easy - see the recipe here.

Hope this week gets up to something delightful for all of us.
Grey can be chic and November can be a happy - 
it's all about how you look at things!

Photos: Martine Voigt