Paris in the spring

... because Paris is always a good idea!

Especially when combined with a wonderful person - like gorgeous Anita, from Castles, Crowns & Cottages, who won my Valentines Giveaway.

This is her fashion portrait in the city of LOVE, and she's wearing a  greige tutu along with a chic little sweater and white blouse to dance  beneath the blossoming trees.

I could also envision her as a  fabulous lady from the belle époque, someone who has a salon where artists and writers meet op to discuss their new work. More about this another time.

Have a bright and lovely start to your week -  can't wait to come visit and have a little chat with YOU!


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I just got home from work and sat down to come to visit and here you are...and I had NO IDEA you would be done by now!

    Martina, she is PERFECT and the know how much I love the aqua skies, the gray tutu, PARIS and heels!

    You got me down perfectly. A smile is my best defense against feeling 56, but for all of us, a smile is the best way to start any day. You are so talented, I thank you so much, and again, you got me down perfectly. THIS is how I would feel my best in Paris, in my SPARKLE mode! And I would love to have my own Paris salon where writers, artists and actors, dancers could come to share.

    LOVE THIS so much my dear friend! Anita

  2. That is so did such a lovely job, what a lucky gal to have won the portrait!! You're a marvellous artist Martina!! I love it!! How lovely it would be in Paris just now with all the blossoms :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

  3. Oh Martina, I just can't get over how lovely this is! Thank you again my friend! Now I'd like to go find a tulle skirt like this and pose in a photo to match this wonderful depiction! XOXOXOX

  4. Hi Martina,

    The Paris Lady in the Springtime, is fabulous and how thrilled Anita will be to win you lovely giveaway. She is very lucky.
    Hope you week is wonderful

  5. Oooolala! Fabulous for sure!!! What a lucky friend she is! :) I just had Annie take a Parisian picnic basket over to a friend's house because we need a little Paris around here too! It's much cheaper to go there virtually :) Love It Martina!

  6. This is gorgeous!!!! So fun to see this amazing portrait of the fabulous and beautiful Anita! I love your work, Martina!!!

  7. Absolutely stunning! Both the portrait and the lady - so pretty! You are simply amazing, dear Martina! And so is Anita! Big warm hugs to both of you from India! :)

  8. Owwwww this is so lovely to see our Anita !!!! what you did !! from me.....x ! happy week !!

  9. So fun to see this amazing portrait of the fabulous and beautiful Anita, she's coming often on my blog and I love her very much...Je suis française et j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais bravo!!!je t'invite si tu le souhaites à venir me rendre une petite visite...I love so much "la belle époque" and Paris because I lived there 8 years...French kiss

  10. so beautiful! lucky anita : )
    and i agree paris is always perfect ...

  11. Stunning!


    and also quite Fabulous!!!

    Martina, how delightful, and Anita is thrilled!!!!
    ~ Violet

  12. So beautiful!
    I wish I could go to Paris right now.

    Enjoy your week.
    I invite you to visit my blog.


  13. Oh Martina, when I see the smile, I just cannot believe how well you captured my smile!

    Yes my friend, I love it so! I look forward to receiving it and putting it in my studio. You are right; the soft greys of Paris and the trees go so well with the skirt. Now I just need to find myself a gray tulle skirt!

    Many hugs and thanks for spending the time to do this. How I wish I could meet you! Anita

  14. Merci à toi d'avoir pris le temps de me rendre visite et désolée que tu es des problèmes de connexion, je sais que depuis lundi beaucoup d'amies on du mal à accéder à mes pages...Vraiment désolée
    Bisous tout plein

  15. My goodness Martina have captured lovely Anita and her smile so perfectly...I knew who this beautiful lady was as soon as the image appeared!...The colours and and the outfit....the pretty tulle skirt and heels are all gorgeous (and Oh yes...I can definitely imagine Anita being the owner of a salon in beautiful Paris :-) ) ...definitely something she will treasure forever...x
    Happy Thursday!
    Susan x

  16. My dear friend,

    Do I have permission to post this lovely painting and link back to you as I create a blog post for the Scarlet Pink blog? Please let me know. We want to put the word out that you will be featured in the summer issue! Let me know when you can. I won't post until you give me your permission. Anita

  17. Dearest Martina! I thank you kindly for getting back to me so quickly! I am at work and am typing off my tablet, but when I get home, I will post on the SPblog with your permission!merci!

    I will also email you my postal address. I am so excited to receive this gift so wonderfully done!bisous Anita

  18. tolles bild und tolle mode. petticoats finde ich super ;-)

  19. So lovely!!! Anita must be thrilled to bits! Your work is magical! xoxoxo Have a joyful day dear one. xoxo

  20. I cannot believe it took me this long to see your gorgeous painting of Anita!! Oh Martina, this is so splendid...I know our dear Anita is so honored to have a custom piece created by you! Brava!!
    Hugs and blessings,
    - Irina


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