Happy weekend!

Have patience - all things are difficult, before they become easy ...

  Whatever is on your plate - hope you enjoy every bit of it and find your ways to celebrate April! Even if your patience is rested ... like mine.

Am having major problems with my internet yet again and MISS communicating with you in the way i'm used to. But try to concentrate in my art, the garden, things i can do the old fashooned way ... and try to sense the connectedness of me to you, to nature, to the world around. 

A friend once taught me to "breathe with everything there is" while having a walk. I love this exercise - give it a try when you find the time. Somehow, it brings everything closer. The trees, the flowers, the bumble bees - it really does make you feel alive!

This is a picture i took last year for our magazine - tiny flowers have a way to make you happy sometimes - try it!

Photo: Martine Voigt-Schmid


  1. Have a lovely weekend doll, I hope the internet gets better soon :) x

  2. Have a nice weekend darling...enjoy all the things you are doing .....love Ria...x !

  3. Oh Martina, I shared your flowers from this morning on Google + and I've had several lovely responses! Thank you for the beauty you share even if you are having internet difficulties! I am going outside right now to shovel some snow and I am going to breathe in all the fresh air! Much love my dear friend, Anita

  4. How true those words are Martina!
    I love the colours in your photo today..x
    Hoping your internet difficulties are soon far away...and thank you so much for taking part in my Giveaway!
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  5. Beautiful colors!
    That's what life is all about, enjoying each and every moment...

    Martina, enjoy your weekend.

  6. Hi Martina,

    Beautiful flowers you have shared today and I am with you there ' breathe with everything there is, when out walking. Hope you get the internet sorted.
    happy weekend

  7. This is one fabulous post, love the quote too, happy weekend my friend!

  8. Sometimes when we're forced to give up internetting for a while it makes us focus on the real world and that brings its own gift as you know. :) This happened to me recently too. I love your advice about walking through nature and breathing it in. I shall do this next time I go out for a walk. :)
    Your photo is so pretty.
    Jess x

  9. Hi My sweet friend....hope your internet is up and running soon. I have been very busy as well and not much has been happening on my blog...life has a way of moving along like a swift current sometimes....hugs to you and so glad you are taking time to breathe in joy! ox

  10. The old fashioned way is good for us isn't it ...Although I sure am glad I was born in both ears...with & without computers...funny to think of "the good ole days" being just 30 years ago :) Your old fashioned way sure sounds romantic :)

  11. Hello Martina!
    Thank you dear blogging sister, for always bringing beauty and color into my life!!!!

    ~ Violet


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