Monday Love: Scarlet Pink!

Roses are red my love!

Some bits of vibrant color from my weekend - some of my red paintings i got back from a recent exhibition, lots of roses in different shades of red, some from out of our garden, some given to me as a present by my lovely painter friend Sabina Wörner, who shares my love for Scarlet & Pink.

Scarlet Pink is also the name of a fabulous new magazine, celebrating artists and creative living. Some of my dearest blogfriends like Anita and Victoria are amongst their contributors, and i'm so exited to be one of the featured artists for the upcoming summer issue. 
Will keep you posted when it gets published.

Have a super start to your week my lovelies, my your days be sprinkled in rose petals and garnished with laughter!

P.S.: Regarding the riddle in my dog poster: The dog not listed under it's real name was the Chinese crested dog. i put it under the name of !Quastl" - because of the shape of it's tail ;)


  1. These are gorgeous, I love this colour, so bright and fun!! Your paintings are a delight. I hope you have a marvellous new week :)) xx

  2. MARTINA!!!!!! First of all, these fabulous pieces that were on exhibition are the perfect summer inspiration ! They are just perfect for this new month of growth and exciting summer planning. AND how fabulous that the magazine will be coming out soon! I have to start planning a post to help spread the word. It was so fun to write on your work and truly, your art has given me new eyes to see how color can change a room, a community and even the world. You are so special to me. Thank you! XOXOXO Anita

  3. Have a nice week Ria...x !

  4. So happy for you to be featured as one of the artists, Martina! Yay! Your works are fabulous, just like those roses, a forever joy! Wish you a super colorful week ahead. :)

  5. How cool is that to be featured in that magazine! Way to go...and cheers to Anita too!!! :)

  6. Congratulations my dear My Dear Martina, j'ai eu l'occasion aujourd'hui d'aller visiter ce beau magazine, car mon amie Anita y écrit je crois, bravo je suis contente pour toi ...J'espère que tu diffuseras tes œuvres sur ton site que je puisse ainsi venir te féliciter
    Moi aussi j'aime les roses
    Bisous tout plein

  7. Yay Martina.Such a beautiful, colorful post..a feast for the eyes and are always so inspiring and magical! Congrats to you....I totally loved the feature on you, and loved hearing more about you and your artistic world and your wisdom and insights..a really beautiful spotlight....Anita's writing and your words are amazing...shine on...
    Happy June! and wow, thank you for the very thoughtful and kind mention!

  8. Beautiful post Martine and than you for the shout out. The magazine is now available and thank you for being a part of it. We love to tell the story of many a talented and creative woman. You are delight to read about and feature!! Kelly Keyser - Editor


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