Summer Blooms

A recent painting with ornamental Hydrangeas floating on on a cool, turquoise and white background. 
Hope you enjoy the best of July and have a fantastic week ahead. Beauty, colors, heavenly scents and fine textures - nature is just too precious to not be enjoyed. And with all the madness that happens in the world around now, it's important to choose: peace, abundance, beauty and joy! 


  1. YES! It is our job, our pleasure as artists, to promote that which is hopeful and bright, because it's too easy to promote the negative, but more rewarding and difficult to produce original and beautiful things that move others to goodness. What great colors my dear friend. Your use of aqua and whites and reds really hits me right! Anita

  2. You're so right! Peace, abundance, beauty and joy speak to me in these new paintings. :) I love the ethereal quality of them and your colours as always, perfect!
    Jess xx

  3. Yes, we need to choose these things, they are most important. i hope you have a great week :) xx

  4. Flowers are my life.....and you are also a little peace of my ...enjoy !

  5. Hi Martina,

    Love the pretty turquoise colour and hydrangeas are always so gorgeous.
    Happy week

  6. The colors are so pretty, wonderful work there!!!!

  7. Lovely work..Nice to see beautiful art

  8. Hi Martina! Came by for a little joy & that's what I got!! I have to show my mom this one too...I know she'd LOVE it!!! It screams her!

  9. This is such a beautiful never fail to insipre me, dear Martina...
    Peace and joy to you...
    - Irina


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