A little series of paintings on paper that started out as sketches in the garden. sort of improvising with brush and paints sitting outside, mostly in the  subtle light of the evening hours. Looking at  plants, seed, berries, leaves, tiny branches, needles, nuts and all the other things out there always invigorates my imagination. 
 I didn't really draw their likeness, but rather let my hands play with the images they triggered - and somehow these paintings turned out a little like botanical drawings you see in books sometimes. 

Enjoy the best of August as long as it's still here. It's the last real month of summer and we're entering the last week of it ...Can you believe it?

Stardust memories

All colours will agree in the dark.

Two little blue paintings of a series of four that i'm working on - since quite a while. They have been changing -until now they resemble treflections of the night sky in a pond, lit from the inside. They are quite dreamy, but yet the blue is strong and vibrant and the small dots of color shine like exotic fishes in the ocean. 

Hope your week gets of to a sparkling start lovelies! Enjoy the summer sky and the heavenly blue hour just before darkness if you can - the hour, when the work is done and people in Italy assemble in bars for their "Aperitivi"  - a ritual i like very much and think about importing here.
Drinks, some small bites and relaxed chit chat, before everybody goes home - or - elsewhere - to have dinne., A casual celebartion to let go of the tension of the day, to shake your feathers and dive into the moment.

 Join me tonight?

Painting summer

I have been quite busy in my studio lately. trying to make the best out of summers expansive energy. The big canvas paintings i'm just about to finish capture the warm, yellow golden glow of sunshine in the garden, the play of light and shadow, the sense of things blooming and ripening, while we feel relaxed like the black cat, sunshine on her fur..
I hope you're all having a bright and wonderful start to the your week and enjoy the best of August!

Magic and Pasta

Most Italians sure know how to enjoy life, and since good food is, what seems to weave it all together  - the treasures of the earth, the ocean and the human heart - good food is absolutely vital to celebrate and make each day special. It's not just about nurturing the body, but all the more about having part in the dance of life.
 Me and my family adore Italian food and can't get enough of pasta in all variations. Along the Ligurian coast you get heavenly seafood pasta dishes, easy, fresh and scrumptious.  If you'd like to make some at home,  try this yummy recipe by "the little kitchen! an amazing food blog i have just discovered. 
Have a fabulous start into august and see you soon!

Photo Pasta:: the little kitchen