Bold, Bright, Beautiful

Sometimes when I'm having a colour moment I think to myself, okay what would be the most disgusting colour to add here? Sometimes that 'disgusting' can turn out to be 'surprising' and 'completely gorgeous'. 
Angela A'Court

As spring is already "in the making" and sunshiny air mixed with birdsong floats into my rooms - my collour palette switches to brighter and softer shades too. The abstract floral paintings above are almost finished now.

And  "almost finished"often is, at least for me - the most difficult phase in getting a piece of work done. Because, adding a little bit of the wrong shape or colour, can change the whole thing. Since i'm painting from intuition, the time and the mood must be right, to achieve harmony and perfection.

Bold moves, in this case, are often the best moves, for they add a surprise moment, where something flows in, that is better than what i could have thought of.

Can this be applied to real life as well? I think so, at least, if there are descisions to make. So - be bold, bright and beautiful lovelies - the godess of luck just can't resisit you then!

The Yellow Cat Painting

What the garden whispered to me on a yellow summers day ...

A painting of my little feline friend, venturing out into the garden on a summers day. Light dappling through leaves and branches, flowers exhaling scent, petals falling down from the trees, berries glowing un the shades of rose bushes.
Tiny insects dancing in a sunny haze, a bird  singing somewhere high up. Maybe not to high, maybe aware of velvety paws approaching over an emerald lawn ...
After all this cat, dangerous to feathered friends as he might be, sometimes just liked to roll around beneath the tulips and daffodils, lazy and tipsy from all the ebautifull colours and snells that surround him.
It's still winter here in germany, but earth is preparing for spring. nd spring already started here in my studio, More glimpses of what i'm working on in my next post.