Circle game

I'm painting circles - because life goes in circles!

This is what i've been working on in my staudio lately. Circles are abstract and yet, they have a lot of meaning. They are strong shapes, dynamic and closed at the same time. Simple shapes in many kayers leave room for colors to expamd and for the mind to conrmplate.Movement, music - yes, in many ways, colors are like music to me!

Hope, summer plays a lovely tune for you,
with love from me!


  1. Hi Martina,

    Love your Circle game Artwork - very colourful and fun.
    Enjoy your summer

  2. MARTINA! I meant to come by early yesterday when I saw that you had visited my blog (DANKE!) your comment made my day because I've been thinking about you!

    You and only you have shown me the value of color and shapes. I never looked at both of these artistic elements quite the same as I do now, but your masterful touch has wooed my heart. I am not as you know, a colorist or a lover of a lot of color in my home. The color red has never been my favorite, but YOU make it work for me. Your ability to make a person like me who doesn't use much color SWOON over its use means you have a very special talent.

    The circles are such a marvelous abstract. It's funny because my blog post has circles "embedded" in its message because no matter what your journey in life, you end up making a FULL circle back to yourself. And, I am learning on a more personal, deeper level that if I hope to succeed, I literally have to go around in the circle of PROCESS before I can see any progress, i.e., success.

    We have our minds on the same thing these days, the cycle of life. Bless you dear heart, it is so good to see you again and your marvelous play with surprising color combinations. (love the red gold AND aqua!)

  3. Martina, I knew I would arrive to a beautiful burst of colour..I love your work...always so inspiring and uplifting!
    Hope you're having a wonderful summer lovely and thank you so much for visiting me yesterday and your kind comment,
    Have a good new week,
    Susan x

  4. love the bright colours together,xx Rachel

  5. Love That colors....happy colorful week love Ria x

  6. Dear Martina,
    your Cicle Paintings are georgeous!
    Happy week to you,
    Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  7. Dearest friend, HELLO!!!!! Thank you for coming by again to comment and I must find that song by Buffy St. Mary! You are such an encouragement. MUCH LOVE to you, Martina!

  8. Dear Martina,
    I am always inspired by your burst of beautiful colors.
    Thank you so much for coming over and leaving such a sweet comment for Rose.
    Wishing you a wonderful summer

  9. Such a lovely piece of artwork, Martina! Circles reveal so much about the art of life and living. Movement and music, yes!!! That's the word.

    Wish you a wonderful colourful week ahead! Love and hugs ~

  10. Martina my friend, hello! I am just getting to my blog comments and I saw you provided a link to Circle Games! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!

  11. I just listened to it, I just pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards. Brilliant, touching, and SO TRUE. Thank you my friend for awakening me up to this amazing song.

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