Underwater sunhine

 There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.  James Thurber

A recent painting in soft shades that has something like a mother of pearl glow to it. Even thougn i didn't really plan on painting an "octopus garden" it looks like just that to me. Light that shines into an underwater world, where plants and sea creatures sway in a soft, iilluminated ocean breeze. It is very interesting how, when a painting is done in an intuitive way, it develops a life and a will of it's own!

How's your summer so far my lovelies? Here, it's unusually cool and even in July we need a fire or warm blankets to sit outside on most evenings.But it's quite a lovely weather to get things done and the light, filtered by clouds is good for painting.
I look forward to visit you soon, cheers to a lovely weekend!


  1. Have a colorful weekend !!...love Ria x

  2. Good morning Martina!!!!!

    I am in love with light. It not only allows plants to produce gases essential to our well-being, not only does it give us food for our bodies, but it enriches our souls. An artist such as yourself, a poetry or photography student such as myself, we need the light. I am also learning that darkness is of equal value in allowing the light to form the right shapes of life.

    Your underwater light and garden is enchanting. We must always think below the surface of things, and here, YOU DID! BRAVO!

  3. I can't stop looking at your stunning Underwater Sunshine painting! It's so beautiful. Hope you've a lovely weekend Martina, it's been really hot here!
    Jess x

  4. Liebe Martina,
    das sind traumhaft schöne Bilder!
    Ich wünsche Dir einen guten und schönen Start in die neue Woche!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße , Claudia ♥

  5. My darling friend, HELLO! I just saw your comment and I have to say that about a week ago, I wrote a poem that has to do with how nature effects our well-being. Perhaps I should be bold to share that poem on my blog....I stopped years ago trying to share my poetry on my blog, for poetry can be an obstacle for some readers. But you are so right; when I am in the sunshine (as I was yesterday), there is this uncontrollable JOY that hits me. It is a childlike joy, a burst of energy that comes from my experience of 58 years on this earth, having drank the sun, having feasted on the elixir of air, and recycling that feeling every summer.

    Much love to you darling Martina!

  6. Dearest Martina, thank you for your comment on my blog! I am very close to the notion of summer time and the sun; it truly is a season for me to GROW back into my early years and there is truly something about the light that does this to me!

    Enjoy every single day of this summer beauty my friend!!!!

  7. Dearest friend, I just heard about what happened in Munich; are you OK?

  8. Lovely Martina the colours in this painting are so beautiful!!
    Yes, we've had quite a cool summer here too except for a really hot and very humid burst a couple of weeks ago which was very uncomfortable...so now I'm happy to settle for cool fresh days!
    Have a good new week,
    Susan x

  9. MARTINA!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much dear dear friend for coming to visit my blog and for reading the article! I LOVE Beatrice Wood's philosophy, and I believe she knew the truth about life in general. Living in the timeless is a good practice, for we are TIMELESS beings, but some people just don't know it yet.....yes my friend, let us keep going until our timer in this life rings, and rings us into the next timeless phase. SOOOO GOOD to see you! Much love, Anita

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