Progress with my new canvases?

Well, at least i did a little something with pink and bright orange to brighten up my mind - which is quite stressed these days!

Everyday beauty

Stillife on our coffee-table.

Fashion shoot

Not painting, but playing with colours just the same. The first fashion shoot we did ourselves, on a beach along the Rhine. Robin (in tree) did the photos, beautiful Freda and her little brother Paul were the cutest models ever. Check out the whole thing in the new issue of KidsLife, coming out soon.


Am in the finishing line for the new issue of KidsLife and -
boy, no time for anything else! Hope to be back soon with
lots of fresh ideas. More tomorrow.

Under your spell!

L O31 Copper Uppercase Letter V letter E

This! Spell with Flickr by Erik Kastner is just great for people who love to play with typographie in a visual way, using the images of fonts from photographs featured on flickr. Try it. You can click on each letter to change it's shape again and again until it suits you.

Stripes on the railway

Seen today, while taking the train to Mainz.

A new challenge

White canvases with nothing on, ideas flowing, empty space, colours and shapes emerging - we'll see what's going to happen ...

Me by Warhol

Did you guess i'm that famous? If you want to try yourself (or your beloved) in cool foto settings that make you feel glamorous and special, try – it's fun!


The current issue of KidsLife, our great new parenting magazine in Germany, Switzerland and Austria - if you speak german and have Kids, try it! This is, what i spent most time with - editing, doing layouts, finding good photos - a big challenge and lots of fun. This cover was done by Jenny Mc Cann from texas. Check out her Profile on Flickr: jennymccann2007

The guide

A view of my studio with fresh laundry on the floor -
that's the thing about being a mum - there are always things
to be done that keep you from painting. I think all successful
artists with kids are super-heros!

Bonnard Garden

Did i tell you i love Bonnard? His garden scenes are great and i'd like to have one of those in my living room. This is our garden photoshopped in Bonnard style (well - kind of). This spring is so wonderful - all things blooming at once!


An unfinished painting, but somehow i like it like that.

Cherry blossoms

Happy Easter everyone!

More stripes

My cat in relax-pose!  Look at those whiskers, he's so ccol!

An idea for a painting?

A photo taken last summer. I love structures, stripes and people on my paintings, and things that could be this and that. I want my paintings to have more than just one dimension like, when you look through a window from inside at night and you see the mirrored room as well as what is outside. A view that leaves room for imagination.