Friday art: new simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

These are two paintings of mine from some years ago i recently came across in my archive. They reminded me of my momentary crave for something simple and yet powerful. 

My life has been really complex in recent times, joggling the making of our magazine and keeping it alive, family, art – not easy to handle. As a result of that, i find myself a little stuck in my work as a painter. I feel like i'm on the edge of something new and hope that spring gives me the energy to bring it to bloom - let's see!

I'm thinking 
color, ease, good vibrations, collectedness, light, energy - 
and all of these things i want to wish you for your weekend too! 

Spring is almost here, and in case you're looking for some new shades:

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  1. Wonderful paintings, I do love the one sitting on the table, so beautiful in colour!! I hope you reach where you wish too, you can do it!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Good morning my darling friend....

    Oh Martina, first of all, your art really speaks to me. I had never been one for a lot of color, and for a more modern edge. But since I have known you and my dear sister Irina, you both has taught me to see with different eyes. Because of you both, I can see such beauty now in the colors and shapes you choose.

    About your feelings regarding the state of your painting....I was feeling that as well. But I finally decided what I was going to focus on, and what to cut out, and what to really jump into. It will take some getting used to, given that I need to return to a full-time job. However, those adjustments I need to make MUST BECOME a habit. I know you make art a habit for yourself, for no one can produce such seasoned beauty as you do without having worked hard on it.

    Promise is in the air my friend. We must take our lessons from the flowers of the garden, from the things that cannot help but be beautiful every season. LOVE THAT NEW HEADER! Anita

  3. Have a nice weekend love love

  4. Gorgeous friend! Good to see you! As I type, the pure white "canvas" of my white walls is reflecting the white of the SNOW outside and is making me so happy! I am going to go and sit outside (just for a little while) to record, using all my senses, what is going on outside. It is a fun exercise for writing!

    YES PLEASE, ask your son about a designing a header! Now tell me what the fee is, and how does he go about finding out the size?

    Let me know. I just love what he did for your header! MUCH LOVE! Anita

  5. Martina! I am loving this new you on your blog. I love the new layout and that you are posting more often. Thank you.


    Thank you for your fun comments. Ya, who says there is an age limit to a fashion blogger, any-who? hahahahaha (hug)

  6. I was thinking even before I read it...Spring will inspire!!! It alwasy does :) I was feeling like that with blogging a few months ago & didn't post for two months & then one day...I felt inspired! & it's all just back to naturally flowing out :) Hope it is as sunny there today as it is here!

  7. Ahhh spring is in the air my lovely. Let's meet and paint the canvas a vibrant shade of green. xx

  8. Bonne fête des femmes de 8 mars Martina !! ;0)

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  9. Happy weekend my sweet friend. xoxo

  10. I agree! Simple is best.
    I love them both.
    I know it is hard to juggle so many responsibilities
    and do them well!

  11. Oh Spring.... can't wait :)) Hope you're having a nice, relaxing weekend, your paintings are beautiful and good luck with your budding project! xoxo M

  12. Hi Martina,

    Love both of your paintings and wishing you all the best, with your aspirations.

    Happy weekend

  13. Your works are always like a breath of fresh air! Love those paintings, so soft, simple yet so attractive!
    Have a lovely sunday Martina :)

  14. GORGEOUS! Inspiring as always :)! Be strong dearest Martina and never give up on your dreams. You're a BEAUTIFUL creative soul and I'm sure great things will come along your way. Sending you BIG HUGS <3 and LOTS and LOTS of happy thoughts :)

  15. Darling Martina! You faithful and wonderful friend!

    YES, I thought I would get a feel for how I want my blog to look...but of course, it will always change with my mood!

    I appreciate your being able to see and articulate what you saw in my poetry; yes, I wanted even the header to reflect the sparseness of late winter. Oh how fun it is to create! AND have a super supper tonight with your roast, and think of me when you indulge in your chocolate truffles! MUCH LOVE MY FRIEND, Anita

  16. Beautiful colors and it's always easier when it's spring. You can read my blog if you use google translate. Have a great start to the week.



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