Pink Chandelier Paintings

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles.
Some new paintings i'm currently working on - just waiting for the right time and energy to get them finished. They are kind of like a mix of various elements that could be this and that - little collections lit up by ornamental chandeliers. Something is still missing for my taste, but i do love the color scheme. Pink and yellow has something, that makes me happy. What do you think?

It finally starts looking like spring here, it's warmer and yesterday we ate a meal outside - in the evening sunshine, which is still hard to believe for me. Hope the sunshine is with you too and am sending you lots of love!

Paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. love these bright cheery colors!
    we've had some warmer weather but rain is on it's way ;)

  2. Very nice with all the pink. Have a great day.



    My friend, your work is such a delight. I have to tell you that Irina, our dear Irina, she too enjoys painting and she came over my house almost two weeks ago now with the most LOVELY painting, about the size of yours. She painted a moon over water, and the colors are the most gorgeous lavender/blue/gray. She added a bit of GLITTER around the moon and its reflection on the water. I am in love with this painting.

    Your paintings here are just striking. I guess like POETRY, a painter has to experiment in order to get that feel of FREEDOM on the canvas that you do so well. Your color choices as well are just happy and calming.

    Thank you for coming to read a bit about where I AM FROM. Try it yourself when you can! Much love, Anita

  4. I love them! The colours are so uplifting and so summery and warm! I love them as they are but will look forward to seeing them again if you give them more of your magic touch! xx

  5. Martina, Long time..happy to be here:))

  6. Wowwww.beautiful Martina !!! from me

  7. Hi Martina,

    Love your pretty paintings and the colours are so gorgeous.
    Glad that the weather was nice so you could dine outdoors.

    Happy week

  8. Loving pink and yellow together...reminds me of my daughter's first bedroom...your art is so lovely...please show us when finished.
    Happy to hear that Spring has arrived in your part of the world...we have been enjoying amazing weather as well. xoxox Hugs

  9. Oh, Martina, I am IN LOVE with these colors!!
    It is still grey and snowy here, so this is perfect...lifts my mood so!!
    Your paintings are so joyful...and I really like the abstract feel of these...
    Blessings, sweet friend!
    - Irina

  10. Your art work is so delightful. I love all the pink that you used, and the touch of turquoise and yellow makes it special.

    Have a sweet day,

  11. These are so lovely Martina, the colors are fab! I hope the weather stays nice for you, we all need a little sunshine.....xo M

  12. so wonderful, the colours are so happy :) I hope you've been well doll xx

  13. It is finally looking a bit like spring here too--a few hyacinths and tulips popping up. Our temps. are pretty low for this time of year, but it should be only getting better.

    Your above paintings drew me right in because of their beautiful and sweet colors! Jill

  14. Good evening Martina..Your paintings are're such a creative lady and I love pink and yellow together too!!
    Let's hope for lots of sunshine next week and if not your lovely art work will make us feel so much brighter and cheerful!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  15. Oooooo girl can't ever go wrong with Audrey :) She would have snapped these right up :) Glitz & glamour just oooooozing out onto that canvas! Sparkling!!!

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