Magical world of ferns

Fern plants have always fascinated me, since i watched them grow as a kid in the shade of wild hazelnut bushes and willow trees along the little creek that runs through my grandmothers garden in Austria. They look old and timeless, like they've been here on this earth for millions of years, like something, that dinosaurs lived with. Yet their ornamental leaves have a very elegant quality to me too, and the way they grow and unfold, while they get bigger in spring, reminds me of underwater creatures, of sea-anemons and urchins. 

This year, i took pictures of a huge fern that grows in my own garden, using a background painted in turquoise, to bring out the shapes better. These photos inspired me to do the painting you see above. 
Little wheels turning, shining, spinning with green energy!

Happy start to your week lovelies - enjoy the bright energy of summer!
Here, in the last picture you can see where the painting has found a new home.

Photos and painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Take a walk with me!

If you search the world for happiness, you may find it in the end, for the world is round and will lead you back to your door.  
Robert Brault

Hello Flowers, how's your sumer so far?  We've been waiting for so long, and now it's here with a clash of humid heat that makes me feel like a lazy plant with big green leaves, chatting to the butterflies and bees while sipping up the dew-drops. 

These pix where made on a beautiful day of may, during a walk with my 3 men around our village called "Nierstein". It's a big wine-region here, situated along the shores of the river Rhine and on sunny days, the wineries open their gardens and you can sit in the shade, having cool drinks and something light to eat. I love to take walks whenever i can, there's something about walking, that brings my body and thoughts in line, and since i'm a visual person, i do enjoy every bit of beauty i see.

I'm a bit slow at blogging at the moment - that's the energy of summer that just pulls me outside whenever it's possible. Wish i could have a little glass of bubbly with all of you tonight and am sending you sunshine!

May i show you ...

Woran ich in der letzten Zeit gearbeitet habe?
What i've been working on in the past weeks?

Die Sommerausgabe von KidsLife! 
The summer edition of KidsLife!

Ich bin so aufgeregt!
I am so exited!

Weil ich glaube, es ist eine der schönsten Ausgaben, die wir je gemacht haben, vollgepackt mit schönen Bilden, interessanten Beiträgen und Sommerspaß für fröhliche Familien. Das wundervolle Coverfoto stammt von Jen Carver. Und es gibt einen Artikel über eine besondere Blogfreundin von mir - eine Mutter von 5 Kindern, die mich mit ihrer Kreativität und Lebensfreude immer wieder begeistert: Libbie Doyle. Außerdem stellen wir diesmal unser neues Baby vor "GreenKidsLife" - eine Kreativ-Beilage für Kinder, erarbeitet mit der S.O.F. Umweltstiftung aus Hamburg.

KidsLife im Onlinekiosk: Hier und hier

Because i think it's one of our nicest editions ever and i'm simply in love with that cute cover girl, taken by the wonderful Jen Carver. And it's got an article about a great blogfriend of mine - a mother of 5 who i just admire for her creativity and positive energy - Libbie Doyle. It's packed with summer-family-fun,   and i'm happy to introduce our new launch of Green KidsLife, a creative supplement for kids that is meant to inspire them as well as their parents to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. 
At the moment, it's only available in german, but i hope we do manage to get an international issue as well soon. 

Da die letzte Zeit zwar schön, aber auch sehr anstrengend gewesen ist, gönne ich mir mit meinem Mann eine kleine Reise an die italienische Blumenriviera. Bis zum 15. Juni lege ich eine Blogpause ein - und wünsche Euch allen eine wunderbare Zeit. Es soll ja auch hier nun endlich wärmer werden!
Lasst es Euch gut gehen - ich freue mich darauf, Euch alle bald wieder zu besuchen!

Because the last time has been full of inspiration but also packed with work and rain. hubby and i are leaving for a little vacation to the Italian Riviera - to freshen up our energies and spirits. We'll be back on the 15th of June, and i hope you will all have a grand old time in the meantime. I look forward to visit you again and send you lots of love!