Mix it up!

It's all in the mix!

Of light and shadow, of sweet and bitter, of different colors, of textures, of fabrics ... Life, like art, needs contrasts - and life, like art needs balance to find harmony and  - transform potentiall chaos into richer meaning and happiness. 

I hope, your week is going well so far - and you do manage to find the magic ingredient, that makes your day sparkle and shine. 

Above you see a new corkage painting from a series of six i've recently worked on, using vintage magazine paper, tinfoil paper from italian sweets along with other bits and pieces and some layers of acrylics and gouache. To give you a feel of the size, i've montaged it into a stillife picture i found in my archive - thanks to Lonny Magazine, they're always good for some great interior inspiration - check it out!

Painting Martina Voigt-Schmid, photo: courtesy to Lonny Mag

Art & Coffee

3 things that always brighten me up, when i have a little down phase during the day:

Bright colors - especially playing with them - like music
Fresh coffee - not much of it, but an espresso can really work magic sometimes ... and it smells so good, too!
Deep breathing - i like to stretch  with my arms up, deeply filling my lungs - yes! Every 20 minutes is good, especially during computer work.

Have a bright and lovely start to your week flowers - and  - let's dance!

The colors of happiness ...

The colors of the ocean on a sunny day are the colors of longing ...

 ... or the colors of happiness?  Of perfect summer bliss? All this green and white and blue and turquoise, speckled with gold here and there - i still see it, when i close my eyes and i hear the sounds too and i smell the warm skin with lotion on it ...
These pix were taken at the Italian Riviera some weeks earlier this year.

On saturday we're going on another trip - this time to Munich and to Austria, to see my family and celebrate my dads birthday. Hope you'll all have a very lovely time until than - i can't believe this is the last month of summer already - let's make the most of it!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

New flower paintings

Fresh from my studio: a little series of smaller canvases with little collage elements i've been having fun with lately.In the first picture,  To give you a feeling of the size, i've put them into a pretty styled setting from Oyoy, a danish design company worth exploring!

It's quite hot here in Germany. Many people suffer from the heat. but i do enjoy the summer feeling, including fresh, sunny morning hours and warm. tender nights. I just love to run around wearing nothing but a light dress and sandals - it makes me feel more free and easy and it inspires me tp work with colors. This weekend, i have planned nothing but more painting - and visiting the local wine feast with friends and family. What are your plans?

Paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid
Cushions:  Oyoy