Say Yes!

Say Yes because - did you notice? Yes is always stronger! 
The Yes painting, along with some vintage shopping treasures: a pair of handmade shoes from Venice and a funny little Pola dot-bag that adds a little fun to any outfit. 
Am looking forward to a leisurely sunday with a long family brunch and more painting time later.
Cheers to a lovely day - and to a bright and fabulous Yes week!

Painting and photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Make fall fun - with fashion!

To me, fashion is like a hobby. It is light and playful, and when i'm too tired to concentrate on anything serious, but too awake to do nothing, i like to browse through my wardrobe to put together new combinations or try on new things i bought in various ways. 

Fashion is a bit like a game, because it reminds me of, when i was a kid, how i loved to put outfits together for my Barbie-Dolls. Yet it is important too, because when you find the ideal dress for a certain occasion - or just for everyday too - it  makes you feel stronger and more beautiful. It can be defining for the way, others perceive you, plus it is so nice to walk around town and see people, who make an effort with the way  they dress - crazy is better than boring in my eyes ;) 

These are some pix from the fashion blog Nobody knows Marc  recently discovered. The first and the last image show impressions of Russian fashion designer and photographer Ulyana Sergeenko  who is really a master in creating a strong X-factor with her clothing. Her outfits are always fantastic and always ladylike with a twist - like someone who walks just out of the wonderful russian fairytales a loved when i was little.

Have a fun sunday everyone - am sending you autumn sun!

The Golden Lemon

Spice it up!

A new little lemon collage painting, mixed media and vintage paper, scribbled over by my artistic grandmother.. I called it the Golden Lemon, because - the background here is golden.

 I discovered this metallic paint and went a little crazy with it, covering several canvases with its subtle, golden glow. I love it, because i paint in layers and the gold is a little transparent to let shine through, what is underneath, yet it adds a certain structure and "body" to the painting. And i think yellow and gold is a great combination anyway. 

"The Golden Lemon" here in germany is something not so nice - a prize for the worst piece of architecture - tee her, please forget about this, while looking at my post!
Hope your week starts out lovely - sometimes a little bit of lemon is all you need to spice it up!

Painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid, Stillife-photo via Poppytalk

Art & The Country

You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat.

Some pix from a lovely art festival we visited recently. It was situated in a rural area around 3 houses owned by artists - with exhibition space inside and outside. You could take a long walk and discover things along the way, and, if you got hungry, there was a pig roast. grilled vegetables and many other yummy things, along with great music! It's great what people can achieve, if they work together hand in hand - with energy and imagination. OK, there was also money, thanks to a big company who used this as a somewhat unusual way to invite their clients, co-workers and customers - but, why not?

Much is going on in my life right now and i'm a little slow in blogging. Thank you so much for visiting me anyway - i'll take time this weekend, to visit you back! Cheers to a splendid time out. It still feels like summer here - let's enjoy these last weeks we can go barefoot sometimes!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmud