ABC of dog breeds

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.

Schönes Wochenende für Euch alle! Ich hatte ein paar sehr trubelige Wochen und brauche heute mal einfach zeit zum Entspannen. Habt Ihr Lust, ein kleines Rätsel zu lösen?
Es war eine kleine Herausforderung für mich zu sehen, ob ich für jeden Buchstaben eine andere Hunderasse finden könnte. Wi sch herausstellte, war das kein Problem. Nur einer der Hunde, die auf dem Poster abgebildet sind, ist nicht unter seinem richtigen Namen dargestellt. wisst ihr, welcher es ist?
Wenn Euch das Poster gefällt, könnt ihr es hier bestellen

Happy weekend lovelies! I had a very busy time for some weeks now and just need some down time to relax today -while you maybe feel like solving a little puzzle?
 It was a little challenge for me to see, wether i could find a different breed for every letter - but i did. With one exemption: There is one dog, which isn't listed under the proper name - do you know which one? 
If you like the poster, you can order itt here

Fashion sketch: Trench Coat Look

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Today, i'm headed to town to meet up with lovely fell blogger, artist and friend, Barbara von Enger.
Since  it has been so nice and sunny, i saw us sitting outside, having cappuccino, wearing Ballerinas  - but today it is raining, and a trench coat outfit just seems more appropriate. I don't really mind though, since, no matter where we walk and sit - we aways have a great time!
The above drawing is something from my sketchbook - a look inspired by Elisa Nalin. I colored it, using a painted background that i added on the computer. 
Have a great weekend - and if it rains or not - let the sunshine in!

Sketch: Martine Voigt-Schmid

Audrey in Paris - get the Look!

This season's must-haves

White, black & beige = chic!

Überlegst Du, was Du heute anziehen sollst? Vielleicht ist das die Lösung - ein Look, mit dem man einfach immer richtig liegt -  und der doch dieses "gewisse Etwas" ausstrahlt, das französische  Frauen so unwiderstehlich macht. und dich und mich!

Wonder what to wear for the day? Maybe this is it: a no fault look for almost every occasion - but still special and with this parisian "je ne sais quoi" that makes french women so irresistible - and you and me! Have fun stepping out today - catching the sun!

A Grandseigneur Dog

If you're going through hell, keep walking!
Winston Churchill

Schöne Woche ihr Lieben - natürlich hoffe ich sehr, dass Eure Woche nicht im entferntesten an die Hölle erinnert ;) Doch da diese Englische Bulldogge hier mich beim Zeichnen so sehr an Winston erinnert hat, konnte ich nicht widerstehen, eines seiner berühmten Zitate hinzuzufügen.

Im Hintergrund seht ihr ein Toile Muster mit kleinen Garten Szenen an dem ich gearbeitet habe. Ich hoffe, es einmal als Druck auf Stoff haben zu können - wie auch das Rosenmuster auf dem Teppich.

Viele der Hundemotive gibt es jetzt als Poster und Art-Prints in der Poster Lounge wo sie unter dem Pseudonym Martine Vuitton Serape angeboten werden.

Happy midweek flowers! I hope your week is nothing like hell of course, but i simply adore Winston Churchill quotes. As you might have seen already, i've been quite into drawing dogs for a while now. This English Bulldog reminds me of Winston somehow, so i couldn't resist adding some of his words here too. 

In the background you see a Toile pattern with little french country scenes i've been working on recently. It's a project i've been thinking about for a while and i hope to have it printed on fabric one day - as the golden rose pattern on the carpet.
Many of the dogs are now available as posters and art prints, you can order them  here-

Do something wonderful!!

Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.
and than ...

Do something wonderful, people might imitate it!
Albert Schweitzer

Good morning Sunshine... und guten Morgen neue Woche!  Mit einem Blatt aus meinem Skizzenbuch wünsche ich Euch allen einen super Start in die Mai-Woche. Die Zeit fliegt - machen wir das Beste draus - indem wir heute etwas Wundervolles machen! Was wird das für Dich sein?

... and good morning brand new week! With this little drawing from my sketchbook i wish you a super start to a lovely week of may! Time flies - let's  make the most of it - by doing something wonderful today! What will it be for you? 

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid

Happy Weekend!

Little red dress, little lemon bag, little green Ballerinas, a Vespa ride and a peek of the mediterranean seaside? - what could be more perfect to celebrate a sunday afternoon in the lovely month of May? 
Oh, right, i forgot the guy who is patiently waiting for us in that little gellateria in portofino, the huge ice cream sundae we're about to share with him, the frothy cappuccino, the walk through town,  the aperitif  later in this special little bar, the seafood dinner and - the Vespa ride home, in the moonlight glistening over the ocean ....

Do enjoy your sunday lovelies,  whatever you do, even if, like in my case, it mainly consists of working on the garden while this guy, who is patiently with you since the last 20 years -  is cooking something italian to keep your spirits high :) I do love working in the garden sometimes, and so i somehow always end up having gardens, that are a huge amount of work. But working in the garden is like creating a huge 3-dimensional picture and it really absorbs me so much i don't want to stop until everything looks perfect. Which never happens ha ha - endless puzzles of life!

Love to you from M.

Picture via Kate Spade