Mexico Feeling in germany

Happy Summer Blues

Yesterday, i delivered some paintings of mine to a lovely client who lives not far from me. We tried and tested several pieces on the walls of her unique attic flat and she chose 2 that she liked best. I loved her mix of rustique elements like wooden ceiling beams and terra-cotta floor tiles with modern design classics like the sienna chairs in her kitchen and flashes of bold bright colors, like the little yellow metal locker. 

The blue painting "Summer Blues", from my latest summer series looks amazing in this environment. Surprisingly, it adds a sense of both spaciousness and   playfulness and brings a mexican feel to the environment.  The "Little Faun" painting also looks really bright and happy next to her bespoke kitchen and wounded staircase.

The late summer sun made the colors dazzle and shine, and we sat for a long while in her beautiful green roofgarden, having coffee and cake with another friend, who helped hanging the paintings.

It's one of the best experiences as a painter, seeing how ones work looks in a new environment and how - if well chosen -  it transforms the whole room and brings it to life - like music.

I hope you're all having a delightful late summer weekend. Excuse my slowness in blogging at the moment, but since i'm busy putting another issue of "KidsLife" together and lots of social life going on here, time just flies. Will come visit you over the weekend though - put the kettle on!


Writing a blog ...

Some time ago i was asked by my dear friend Anita, from Castles Crowns and Cottages, to post about my blog writing experience. Thinking about it, it's been quite a journey and it is - an ongoing one.

Looking back 5 years ago, it started with a wish - i WANTED to have a blog, mainly to showcase my art and have a kind of website, i could update and manage myself. I didn't even think about all the other things, that are involved with blogging and keeping the blog up to date and worth visiting.

Showing my art

 Writing about my adventures

Start your own blog in 5 minutes - ha ha -  it took me much longer. Figuring out a name, building a header that would actually fit, finding the kind of design that would match with my expectations, providing pictures that looked good and also - finding the words ...

I have always loved writing - and keeping a diary, as a way to keep in touch with my inner life and also to digest and accentuate what happened in the world around me. But a blog is something, that is open to everyone and not all things can or should be communicated here.

Making friends

.... and featuring them in my magazine KidsLife, like Libbie and her amazing family.

.... or actually meeting them for coffee, shopping and art like the fellow painter Barbara von Enger

And a  blog is really not just about writing, but about COMMUNICATING. about SHARING and about GETTING BETTER in just about everything you do. It is about meeting new friends, about broadening ones horizon and about getting more inspiration, than you can take.
It is also more time consuming than i would ever have guessed. But still worth it.

                          Sharing my designs

Being quite busy as an artist, an editor, a designer, a mother a wife, a friend and some other things i decided to keep my posts mostly short and sweet. If i could, i would spend MUCH more time preparing for my posts and making them super special. But since time seems to be faster than me on most days, i just go with what there is in my archive, my head and my heart.

... and some fashion
I have aimed at being able to post mostly original content, that means, my own art, my own photography and designs. And i did make progress. with that- To have enough content i also post about fashion, which is one of my hobbies and something i love to distract me from what i ought to do ;)

Blogging reminds me daily, to be BIGGER than what troubles me. To be part of this amazingly creative, inventive and fun community that i share with all of YOU.
Thank you my lovelies, 
for being part of my world and making the blog writing experience a never ending adventure!

Since i was asked to also nominate 2 people, to write about their blog writing experience,  i nominate my  friend from India, Arti, and fellow artist Jess.

Painting Summer

I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.


Little garden painting catches the golden specs of the late afternoon sun - playing on the leaves, illuminating little things flying about in the air, enhancing the rich shadows beneath dark green leaves. Actually, when i was painting, i didn't think anything at all, but just let my hands and imagination play - while being outside - in the garden.
It's late summer here now with hazy mornings and sunny afternoons, mellow, sweet, like a ripe yellow apple or apricot. What do you like most about September?