Halloween Freeby

Eat, drink and be scary!

As Halloween is edging closer, i've made a little design to greet you - and that you can grab and use as an E-Card to meet and greet your friends, inviting them over or just celebrating the longest night of the year. 

There is a reason, why Halloween for me is and will always be connected to a witty and intelligent black cat, who is my companion in the other world. I've read of the custom, to put a little bowl of milk on your windowsill on Halloween night - to feed the spirits. And i will do that to greet him. Is there a special tradition in your family, for this occasion?

One cat, two styles

A while ago, i got a commission for a cat portrait, and this print is what i came up with. It's a mixture of pencil drawing, painting, printing and a collage technique on the computer. By putting the sketch and the colored parts together this way, i can change the colors and play with them or change the textures in certain parts of the picture. I only use my own textures though, to keep it personal and true to my style.

To  illustrate this, i'll show you another version of the cat here - a green and blue one, with a softer fur:
 The second one is closer to the photo i got, but the client preferred the first one. Which one do you like better?

Pink & Mustard

small painting of mine from my summer garden series. Played around with it a bit and put it in the pretty living room setting above. found on ELLE Decor. The soft shades of light pink, pearl grey and golden, mustardy yellow create a  delicate atmosphere and play in tune with the misty mornings and bright afternoons of october we have here. Hope your week is swinging along nicely - dare to dance to your own tune today!

Color Transition: From Summer to Fall

Recently i was asked by Abbey Jones from Julep to take part in a blog challenge - to  help you transition from your favorite summer brights into some beautiful fall shades. Inspired by flamboyant dahlias i bought on the farmers market where i live, i chose to turn a bright scarlet red of summer into a warmer, slightly darker cardinal red - that goes nicely not only with classic black, but with all other colors that might inspire your fall wardrobe - from golden yellows over berry purples, soft browns and greens to misty grey.

This fall asks women to go easy and let their hair down, which is fine for me. Oversized sweaters, loose pants, comfy shoes are all on the  radar of fashion. To glam it up a notch, try an oversized Diva pair of shades and some extra delightful lip and nail color. 

The red and purple outfit shown here are by one of my have designers, Paul Smith.

Especially on weekends, i enjoy pampering myself a little more and paint my nails. mostly i use a bright statement color for my toenails, and a light pink, natural mother of pearl shade for my hands.  What is your favorite color, when it comes to your nails? 

Since i was also asked, ti challenge one of my blogfriends, to be part in this theme, i tag the lovely Kizzy - have fun doll!