Dearest friends around the blogsphere, i hope you're having warm and vibrant holidays, filled to the brim with all the things, that make your heart smile!  See you back soon and keep sparkling!

The color of my mood is ...

The garden of my mind ....

spills over into my studio, and  brightens winter days with the sunshine i'm missing!

 I do love these vibrant yellows, golds and oranges, although of course i also love the pre-chrostmas season. It's currently quite warm here in germany, but we rarely see the sun and the blue sky is veiled by thick layers of white,foggy clouds. The world seems crazy right now,  and so in need of light, love and peace please!

We've recently been to Berlin to celebrate the first official song release by one of my favorite artists ever,  not just because he's our youngest son ;) His artist name is "Schlindwein" and the song is called "Higher" - and it just takes you higher ...and higher .... have a look here and dance with me:

Cold Weather- Warm Colors

It's true, paintings do generate light if colors are used in the right way, and the vibrations of color can literally warm us, cool us, make us feel safe and happy. The new paintings above carry the rich and tropical shades i crave for right now. 
Christmas time has officially started and i wish you a lovely week, filled with the smell of cinnamon, apples, oranges and wintergreen twigs!