Underwater sunhine

 There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.  James Thurber

A recent painting in soft shades that has something like a mother of pearl glow to it. Even thougn i didn't really plan on painting an "octopus garden" it looks like just that to me. Light that shines into an underwater world, where plants and sea creatures sway in a soft, iilluminated ocean breeze. It is very interesting how, when a painting is done in an intuitive way, it develops a life and a will of it's own!

How's your summer so far my lovelies? Here, it's unusually cool and even in July we need a fire or warm blankets to sit outside on most evenings.But it's quite a lovely weather to get things done and the light, filtered by clouds is good for painting.
I look forward to visit you soon, cheers to a lovely weekend!

Circle game

I'm painting circles - because life goes in circles!

This is what i've been working on in my staudio lately. Circles are abstract and yet, they have a lot of meaning. They are strong shapes, dynamic and closed at the same time. Simple shapes in many kayers leave room for colors to expamd and for the mind to conrmplate.Movement, music - yes, in many ways, colors are like music to me!

Hope, summer plays a lovely tune for you,
with love from me!