4 crafty recycling projects

Tennis-racket mirror


Picture-frame terrarium

Adorned Tank
All photos by courtesy of Country Living

Turning old into new - is always fun to do! Since i've been away for a week i haven't been crafty myself, but found these ideas that i really love. Unfortunately this whole weekend i have to work on the magazine finishing layouts, but maybe the next one ...
Hope you're all having a terrific time. As soon as i get time i'll post some fun things about my time in rome!

5 ideas to revamp a room

Lovely shades of aqua on different textures make you feel the sea-breeze!

A Floral pattern on a simple screen leaned against the wall looks like a piece of art - and makes a stuning background for a favourite piece of furniture.

A Geometric lamp against a coloured wall makes a kind of installation - simple yet very modern.

Don't you love this lamp? Pretty bags and fabrics form a unique and playful centerpiece you won't find in any shop.

Some colourful ideas to redecorate a corner in your house. It's amazing, how a piece of fabric, a bit of colour or just some objects put in a new order can create a whole new look and feel. And sometimes there's nothing better to get you started on a creative journey ... If you're a bit like me, one thing leads to another, and why not make use of that?

Dare to try something new today, something you haven't tried yet - even if it's just a new paint on one wall, a new lipstick or a new way home. What will it be for me? Hope to keep posting about it soon ;)

Images via Homes & Gardens

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge

I'm a day late with this post, but somehow, yesterday was over too quickly for me. It was a holiday here in germany, and we slept in, had a long family breakfast, followed by some work for the magazine and then coffee and cake with a dear friend who just moved.

I was in a dreamy mood, not feeling very active, and so i played a bit, again with an unfinished painting and some collage pieces. I have so much fun doing this at the moment - it gives me new ideas - maybe to combine naturalisticly painted parts with a free style. I love the phase, were a painting has a lot of opportunities - it could be this, it could be that ... and playing is vital to art!

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Playing and dreaming

Had a little excursion into fairyland before lunch today!
While the spaghetti were cooking, i was playing with elves and a faun in the midst of a blooming cherry tree that grew right out of my studio floor - and, because time and space a different in fairyland, i can't tell you how long it was.
It felt good to be out there, leaving grey skies behind and indulging in pink blossoms that fell like rain ...

Meet Elsa Mora

Just discovered a great new artist i love - and am really exited about it. Her name is Elsa Mora, and she's so incredibly talented. Her delicate papercuts are amazing, but she also works on painting, drawing, sculpture, the sweetest handmade dolls and her own style, wich is adorable!

Her work is very different from mine - so fine and exact, almost like couture needlework. Yet Elsa is also a very warm and wise person and mother, and it's so much fun to dicover her various blogs. If you're crazy about her artwork - there's also some of it available on Etsy.
Have a wonderful, relaxed, inspired weekend and celebrate all the good things in your life!

Fotos via Elsa Mora

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge

Another week in the challenge and another birthday picture - this time for Robin, our talented photographer who just turned 20! I was playing with collage and arylic colour to create a stunning image that combined elements of photography and painting.
Sadly, he hasn't had time yet to celebrate properly, for he had to run for the train this morning, to apply at art-school in Essen, a far away town. But hopefully tonight, there will be champagne and something nice to eat.

How's your week been so far? Here, it's raining shoestrings and mice - not typicall at all for the lovely month of may. To enjoy sunshine we have to travel blogland or our own creativity. The good thing is - everything's getting greener and greener and everything grows - not just grass, but also the flowers of imagination!

Now, that's him - with an awesome self-portrait. Check out his work at Flickr
One of these days i'll post some of my favourite pix.

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3 easy creative projects

snowflake curtain via: Bugs and fishes

Painted bottles: Photo credit: Angus McRitchie (L'express Bistro) for Canadian House & Home

instructions on transformed chair via: style at home

3 easy creative projects to get you going this week - aren't these ideas gorgeous? God, must force myself to work on the magazine today, would love to put on my workpants and play with paint and other fabulous things! Love to you all - and have a fabulous day!