Let your art guide you - weekly challenge 12

Red flowers - but in a more abstract form was my project for this weeks art challenge. I've started on these a while back and went on in a playful manner, mainly concentrating on the colours and how they enhance others glow.
Now i'm in the mood to continue like this on a bigger canvas - let's see!

Meanwhile i was pondering on - if we see ourselves as a colour - your good friends are those, who make you glow stronger. If you could picture yourself - which colour would you be?

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Wearable art and handmade happiness...

One of these wearable art pieces in my opinion is all it takes to look like a spring fairy and make everyone smile at you! Why not dress up today - for no reason then to give the day a playful touch and break out of routine, so great to fill up your inner well of creative imagination.

Necklaces by WrappedInClover and Rebecca3030 on Etsy

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge 7

Week 7 for me in the weekly challenge. Somehow, time has been kind'a bumpy for me in the last 3 weeks. Hard times at work, a bad spring-cold that kept me sniffing and coughing plus 3 business trips that were promising but exhausting. Still it felt good to devote a little time to painting, even if i didn't get as far as i wanted to.

The painting with the bowl full of roses was something i had begun a year ago and worked on again, since these colours felt soothing and relaxing somehow. It's not really roses time yet, but the cherry-trees are in full bloom with exact these shades of pink, accompanied by yellow things like daffodils and forsythia, so the mood seemd right. I'm aiming at something more abstract in the flower-department that i'm hoping to show you in the week to come.

Meanwhile, i'm all curious to see your new posts and will visit you very soon!
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Photo with the cherry blossoms: Rüdiger Trautsch from Hamburg

Dress up for spring

I'm in the mood for a new spring wardrobe, aren't you? Sometimes it takes nothing else then a few new accesoires to give your things a complete different look - a special, just made for this season look.
It's always great to get some inspiration on how to combine things - and i really love the look i found on "Emerson made" - i definetly want one of these grand flowers.

Same goes for the house. New furniture isn't necesary, but maybe new curtains or - a new work of art. Am playing with flower shapes and spring colours - see more of it on thursday, my "Let your art guide you" day.

Have a sunny start in the week and stop and look around you at least once a day - spring is so precious, and it's on the peek of beauty right now!

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge 6

As it happens, today is the birthday of my husband, Andreas, and so my project for this week was making a birthday-picture. This one is acrylic paint on vintage paper glued on cardbord, a combination i always wanted to try.

Birthday pictures
are a tradition in our family. They are a mixture between posters, painting and cards and serve to make the birthday table more special. I started these when my kids were small - mostly featuring their favorite animal or later super-hero or Manga-character. They are a fun to make and a nice rememnberance of the special days.

Next to the one of this year - the cat, i'm showing you an older one that in teally like. My hubby's starsign is aries, and this flying one takes it easy to stroll between stars and flowers (an encouragement for him to do so as well, for he sometimes doesn't know, when to stop ;)).
Have a wonderful day, all of you, i'm curious to see your new posts!

April colours

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.
Claude Monet

Real flowers and painted flowers on a painting of mine i saw in my sisters flat last weekend - they match so well in colour, just by chance!

I love it, if things and events in our lives suddenly reveal a connection and fall into place. It feels like we follow some hidden pattern, a secret melody we hear only with our subconscious mind but that leads us on the right track somehow.

Follow the way of your heart, and you can't go wrong!

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge 5

I have to admit that somehow, i missed a day in this week. Monday i still lived in sunday, tuesday in monday and today my hubby just told me that no, it's not wednesday but thursday. So, for the creative challenge i'm showing you a crafty project that was done for the magazine, but nevertheless is creative and fun.

Some cute handmade ideas for a spring invitation - for tea, lunch or dinner.
The collage style-cards are made of pretty wrapping-paper. Cut floral shapes and glue them on to plain cards.
To make the garland, cut paper in diamond shapes and fold them over a cord or string. Glue halfs together and vary colours. This is a fun project for kids too.

Making collages is really good, when you got stuck with painting. Somehow it frees the mind - maybe, because you can take it as a game instead of real art. But playing is vital for real art and sometimes, the best ideas come, when you least expect them - give it a try!

The lovely knitted flowers on the plates are made by my friend Anne-Claire, who will publish her own blog soon.

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