Current Art inspiration: Hilma af Klint

"I can’t go on, I’ll go on."
Hima af Kint

When i first saw photos from these paintings, browsing the pages of Vogue-magazine while waiting for a train,  i was instantly fascinated. Something in these unusual colors, in these abstract, yet organic shapes deeply impressed me, and so at home, i tried to find out more about the woman, who painted them.
"It's not every day that we are introduced to an unknown yet pioneering modern painter, but this is what's happened with the Swedish painter Hilma af Klint. A stipulation in af Klint’s will ensured that her work was not shown until well after her death. But now her work is taking the art world by storm: appearing in the Venice Biennale and now in a highly anticipated retrospective at the Hamburger Bahnhof. ArtSlant writer Parker Tilghman is convinced af Klint ultimately knew when the timing was right her visions would again resurface." Quoted from Art Slant
I hope that one day, i can see these canvases with my own eyes  - to me they look simply magical!
Meanwhile, i'm making progress with my own paintings - will show you some of it soon. Have a lovely rest of the week flowers, let the sunshine in!

Summer greetings from Italy

Some impressions from a recent trip to the Italian Riviera. These pictures were taken in a little town named "Finale Ligure, that is so beautiful. It is quiet and very alive at the same time. There are chic little boutiques in ancient pallazzi, shops that sell all kinds of delicious foods and the houses are all painted in these warm, vibrant hues that i love: soft pinks, creamy yellows, light purple, reds and greens. There are big Palm trees just in front of the turquoise meditteranian ocean and beaches filled with little stones that look like gems. We managed to be there just before the big crowd of tourists arrived, and were so lucky to enjoy space and quietness between the beaches and the hills of silvery  olive trees.

I have a dear old friend visiting at the moment, and therefore spend less time on the computer right now. I hope you all have sparkling week and are making the best of summer. Will come and visit you these days!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

painted fashion

When in doubt, wear red ...
Or - wear black and paint red? 

Some new picture from a sunday painting session with my art-sister Andrea König.
She's the woman, who loves to cover all her canvases in deep, bright red - a royal, impressive powerhouse of a color. 

Sometimes we do collaborative paintings - and this time i joined in by adding a mysterious, kind of seductive figure of a woman, who moves through the red, dotted with solver, as though she moves through a silver veil, while listening to her own music ...

It was fun! The painting isn't finished yet, for there will be another layer of silver dots later - i'll show you, how it proceeds.

Painting summer

This summer so far, has been a very mixed up one - sun and rain, in the outer, as well as in the inner world. Life has been intense - we went on a gorgeous trip to Italy, a very good friend of mine got seriously sick, we had  lovely visitors and went to an amazing art festival, another friend of ours suddenly and totally unexpectedly died ... 

Maybe that accounts for my temporary slowness in blogging - i feel a bit overwhelmed and have to let it all settle in. I've got tons of pictures from my camera to sort out, lots of work on my desk and lots of things i'd like to show you soon. For today, just a light little glimpse of something on my desk - a little fashion drawing i've been working on.

Hope you all got well into July and are having a fabulous week. Miss you and will come visit soon!

Painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid